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Dyson launches new range of vacuum attachments for tackling pet hair and awkward gaps

The vacuuming giant is making a full-frontal assault against messy pets from only £65

Dyson is launching a brand new range of vacuum attachments aimed at pet-owners and more situational cleaning around the home, including an Awkward Gap Tool and a Scratch Free Dusting Brush.

While some of these new cleaner heads are already available on the Dyson V15 Detect and V12 Detect models, the big news is that the company is adding its hair de-tangling tech to the far cheaper Dyson Ball Animal, V8 and V10 vacuums.

We’ve already seen Dyson use this new cleaning head to great effect on the V15 Detect, which we reviewed in 2021. It uses polycarbonate teeth and a set of spiralling nylon bristles to lift hair off the brush bar, preventing it from wrapping around the roller and slowing the motor. It also means a lot less cleaning for the user.

Dyson is also introducing an update to its Groom Tool, which is now compatible with its cordless range. This is designed to remove your loose dog hairs, pet dander, and microscopic skin flakes using 364 flexible bristles that are angled at 35 degrees.

Meanwhile, for non-pet owners, Dyson has also come up with a new Scratch-free Dusting Brush and an Awkward Gap Tool. These two products aren’t available to buy separately yet but will be before the summer is out. The Awkward Gap Tool is only 12.5mm wide and can twist up to 22 degrees allowing you to hoover up the most annoying places in your home without putting your shoulder out of joint.

The new pet grooming kit can be bought in a £65 bundle which includes the Groom Tool, extension hose and quick-release adaptor. Other than that, the new de-tangling brush bar tech will be a mainstay of the aforementioned vacuum models from now on. Dyson hasn’t confirmed either way, but it doesn’t look as though it will be sold separately.

For more details on Dyson’s latest outings, check out our review of the V12 Detect.

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