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Refurbished Dyson 2022: Everything you need to know about buying a secondhand Dyson

Avoid dodgy deals and purchase a reliable refurbished or secondhand Dyson with our top tips

There’s a pretty simple reason why you might opt for a refurbished Dyson vacuum: the price. It may not have that fresh-out-the-box feel of a brand new product, but the savings can be considerable for a vacuum that works just as well as its unused counterpart. Besides, a vacuum cleaner is going to get a little dirty – as long as it performs well, that’s all that matters.

In fact, the main differences tend to be cosmetic: assuming you buy from the right place, you can still enjoy the various perks of purchasing something new, including a warranty – albeit not as long as the five-year guarantee on a brand new Dyson – and a healthy returns period. And should a refurbished option still appear a little pricey, secondhand vacuums can still do a grand job as long as you do your due diligence on the product in question.

It can be a bit of a minefield trying to work out what products are refurbished or simply secondhand, and if they are from a reputable retailer or via something a bit more dodgy. To help, we’ve put together a list of the best places to buy a refurbished Dyson, as well as our tips on how to scope out a suitable secondhand option, so you don’t get sucked in by any low-quality refurbs or unusable used vacuums.

For those that still aren’t convinced about refurbished or secondhand Dyson vacuums, head on over to our Best Dyson page for our favourite, brand new vacuums.

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At a glance: The best refurbished Dysons

What’s the difference between ‘refurbished’ and ‘secondhand’?

Refurbished and secondhand products are almost the same – both have been previously used and are therefore not brand new. However, the difference is that refurbished items are officially checked and repaired so that they are suitable for use.

That’s not to say secondhand items are unusable, but they may not have the official accreditation to say that they are, nor have the perks that come with that. For instance, refurbished Dyson products sold by Dyson itself all come with a one or two-year guarantee plus a 35-day returns policy whereas secondhand products usually don’t have those luxuries.

Where are the best places to pick up a refurbished Dyson?

1. Dyson Outlet

Sometimes people are a little sceptical about refurbished products. So, for that reason, grabbing a refurbished Dyson from the manufacturer itself makes a lot of sense should you be a little wary. There isn’t always a huge amount of choice, but given its a well regulated and trustworthy source – that even shows you how they refurbish its products – it is the best place to purchase a refurbished Dyson should you find the one you’re looking for.

You’ll find vacuums like the Dyson V8 Animal and Dyson V12 Detect Slim for large discounts, around 15% to 50% less than the current price the same Dyson would be brand new.

Buy now from Dyson Outlet

2. eBay

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty years, you’ll have heard of eBay. It’s always a solid option for getting any secondhand kit, but you should be mindful to check the condition labelling of any potential purchases and the product descriptions for details on any defects.

Most products won’t have been thoroughly inspected the way refurbished ones have, but certain sellers (with high ratings) or those from official high-street stores – including Dyson itself, which often has a greater range of products than its official refurbished website – are usually a safer bet. Plus, you can filter for only ‘certified refurbished’ items if you don’t trust ‘seller refurbished’ ones on the website. And, as always, message the seller directly should you have any concerns.

Buy now from eBay

3. Amazon Renewed

Amazon is by far the biggest online e-commerce market in the UK, so it makes sense that it also deals with refurbished and renewed products too. By purchasing a Dyson with the retail giant, you’ll be assured of its quality since all refurbished products are professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon vendors.

You’ll also be guaranteed your chosen vacuum will have a battery that exceeds 80% capacity relative to new and that you’ll get a replacement or refund within one year of purchase if it doesn’t work as you expected. Be careful you aren’t in the Amazon Marketplace by mistake though, as that section is less well regulated.

Buy now from Amazon Renewed

4. OnBuy

OnBuy is another reputable retailer who consistently offers lower prices than its competitors – and the same is true of its range of refurbished Dysons. In fact, that range is particularly wide with upright, cordless, cylinder and handheld vacuums all available for purchase at a knock down cost. Products will state whether they have a warranty too, which is usually 12 months.

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Buying a secondhand Dyson: An essential checklist

So if brand new, renewed and refurbished Dysons aren’t for you, what’s the alternative? Grabbing a used Dyson. However, secondhand products tend to be a bit of a riskier investment without the warranties of new and refurbished goods, even if they come at a slightly lower cost. Below we’ve listed some top tips if you are set on buying a secondhand Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Ask for an original receipt or proof of purchase

To be sure the Dyson you’re interested in is legitimate, a receipt or proof of purchase is a good thing to request. Sellers don’t always have physical receipts these days, but may have email confirmation of their purchase. We wouldn’t recommend purchasing without at least one of the two, although it is fairly common for sellers to not have a receipt included in their product listing. If you are set on purchasing a Dyson without proof of purchase, make sure to do your due diligence and follow the rest of the tips below.

Check for a returns policy and selling history

Not everyone will offer it, but many merchants on websites like eBay often have a 30-day or even 90-day returns window – especially well-regarded sellers. That is important for a vacuum, as it is difficult to assess the quality of your preferred Dyson purchase from your laptop or phone screen. Unfortunately, unlike a refurbished Dyson, you won’t get the warranty period, but a return window is still a decent length of time to test if everything is in working order.

Also look for customer reviews of a seller – especially those that offer detail on returned or faulty items – as well as how long they’ve been selling for, as these are usually good indicators of a reliable merchant.

Meet in a public space

Most of us will buy a used Dyson online and get it delivered to our doors. But when that isn’t possible – often the case when using websites like Gumtree and even eBay – you may have to pick it up in-person. Try to avoid meeting in any overly private locations for your safety. A neutral area in a public place is a good option, such as a coffee shop, as should anything untoward occur there will be plenty of eyes on the situation.

Test it works

If you’re purchasing a vacuum, it’s pretty likely you’ll be doing this sooner or later anyway – but it’s still important to test out your Dyson as soon as you can. That way, you can judge its ability at cleaning up any messes while still within a valid returns period. You can also check if any marks and faults aren’t worse than they appear, assess if the battery power is suitable or the power socket is intact, plus any accessories are in good condition.Ask the seller about usage history too. Just like any other item, there will be organic ageing – so don’t expect to get the same suction power as a brand new Dyson – however purchasing something that has been taken care of is important. If anything worries you, it is probably best to return the Dyson and purchase from another seller.

Pay securely

For online payments, PayPal is a great way to keep money safe when paying for used products as it acts as a middleman on your purchase. Only once everything is all well and good will your money go through to the seller.If it isn’t what you ordered, or you just never received it, PayPal’s Buyer Protection programme means you’ll get the full purchase price and shipping costs reimbursed. For other more hazy problems, such as a blemish being worse than described, things will be dealt with by a PayPal employee so long as you made a claim within 180 days of purchasing.

Even if you’re purchasing the Dyson in-person though, avoid carrying masses of cash with you. It’s always better to use an online secure payment method so you have a digital record should there be any problems with your vacuum.

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