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Touchscreen Gloves review

Touchscreen Gloves
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Not particularly stylish, these gloves do at least make it easy to use your smartphone in the cold.

With winter now firmly upon us, new owners of touchscreen smartphones and MP3 players may have discovered they can’t use their devices through thick winter gloves. That just leaves the option of removing the warm clothing and exposing hands to the biting-cold winter.

With the Touchscreen Gloves, that problem could well be a thing of the past. Rather than standard material, these gloves’ fingertips are stitched with a conductive thread that will work on any touchscreen device.

Touchscreen Gloves

The tips of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger have all been stitched with the thread, which is fine enough not to scratch the surface of your device. They don’t always work when using the very tip of your finger, but for the most part our devices worked fine while wearing them. They’re certainly a lot better than dealing with the cold weather.

The gloves aren’t particularly stylish, and might not suit the way you use your device, but they’ll keep your hands warm when you want to answer a call or send a quick text. If you suffer particularly from the cold and use your smartphone a lot, practicality over style may well triumph.



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