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Six amazing things you can do with a Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 3/4 angle

The Gear S2 smartwatch has a few tricks up its, or rather your, sleeve

There’s a lot of smartwatches on the market but the Samsung Gear S2 stands out from the crowd. It has a round face for starters and a slick modern design, while still being tough and durable enough to wear all-day everyday. Samsung has packed the S2 with clever extras though, so here are seven things you might not think of when choosing a smartwatch, all of which make the Gear S2 the clever choice.

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Customise your watch face

The Gear S2 has the most customisable watch faces we’ve seen to date. Pick a watch, pick a colour, pick another colour, tweak the design; then add complications so you get the information you need most on your watchface – be that steps taken, international time, battery level and more.

Not charge it for days

With its lower power AMOLED screen and highly efficient Samsung-made chipset the Gear S2 has the best battery life we’ve seen from a full-colour smartwatch. In our tests it easily lasted over two days of normal use, so you don’t have to charge it every single night and can go away overnight without having to take the charger with you.

Track your intake

We love the neat drinks counter feature on the Samsung gear S2. It’s designed to track your intake of water versus caffeinated drinks, but we’ve been using it keep track of the odd beer instead as it’s a simple but brilliant tracker for alcohol units as well.

Never lose it

Well it’s very hard to lose anyway. The Gear S2 can use its Wi-Fi connection even when it loses contact with your smartphone. This means you can get notifications even if your smartphone is out of range elsewhere in your house. And if you can’t remember where you left it, you can use Find my Gear to make it vibrate and sound an alarm.

Run without your phone

The Gear S2 is perfectly capable of tracking your workout efforts without your lugging your phone with you too. It’s also got internal storage and can play music to Bluetooth headphones, so you can listen to your favourites tracks to make the miles pass like meters.

Never unlock your phone again

Thanks to Smart Lock you’ll never need to unlock your phone again. Your phone knows when the Gear S2 is connected to it and is unlocked automatically. If you leave your phone and wander off then the phone locks up again, to prevent anyone using it.

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