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Adidas MiCoach Smart Run review

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Price when reviewed : £300
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Does everything you could want from a fitness gadget, but at the cost of battery life

The current crop of smart watches are little more than second screens for your smartphone, designed to let you know when you’re getting a call or should check your email. Not so with the Smart Run, the first fitness-oriented smart watch from Adidas. It is strictly designed for fitness fanatics to keep track of their performance without needing a host of other gadgets to monitor heart rate or location.

Adidas MiCoach Smart Run

Unlike most other fitness trackers, which tend to require a separate heart rate monitor, the Smart Run has a light-based sensor built into the watch body to detect your pulse. This is convenient, as you don’t need to wear a chest strap, but will undoubtedly have an impact on battery life. It also has integrated Wi-Fi, which means you can sync your workout to the Adidas MiCoach website without having to boot up a PC first, along with GPS and Bluetooth.

Adidas MiCoach Smart Run

At around 80g It’s rather bulky compared to a fitness band, and is even larger than Sony’s chunky Smartwatch 2, but still sits comfortably on the wrist. The metal and glass construction feels a lot more heavy duty than other fitness gadgets we’ve tried, but may put off those with smaller wrists. The rubber strap has plenty of holes to get a tight fit, which is necessary to get a precise heart rate reading. Two metal teeth lock the strap down so it doesn’t flap about when on the move.

The 1.45in LCD display doesn’t have a particularly high resolution; at 184×184 pixels, it’s easy enough to read the time but it’s a little trickier to enter text. You have to swipe through letters horizontally as there’s no room for a full keyboard, which can be quite time consuming.

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