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Titanfall Frontier’s Edge map pack available now for Xbox One and PC


Frontier's Edge map pack adds Dig Site, Export and Haven to the already diverse line-up of Titanfall levels

Respawn Entertainment has released the second of three planned map packs for Titanfall, letting Xbox One and PC players download Frontier’s Edge and take the fight online with three new levels – but Xbox 360 gamers are left waiting.

Each of the three maps introduces brand new locations to the Titanfall universe, with plenty of close-quarters combat for pilot vs. pilot fighting and more open spaces to give Titans room to manoeuvre. Dig Site has high walls that give vulnerable pilots protection from Titan heavy weapons, with the massive rock saw in the centre of the map giving pilots plenty of elevation.

Export is primarily focused on close quarters fighting, with close knit buildings giving pilots plenty of vertical surfaces to wall-run quickly across the map and ziplines for escaping danger. Built on a hill, Titans are able to fire downrange to keep enemies trapped behind cover, while electric fences can be activated to electrocute unaware pilots. Finally, Haven turns a luxury beach resort into a battleground with plenty of indoor locations for pilot on pilot fighting and a huge open beach for titan combat.

To coincide with the launch, PC players can sign up for a Titanfall season pass at a reduced price – unlocking Frontier’s Edge as well as the previously released Expedition map pack and including the forthcoming third DLC pack when it arrives later this year. The season pass is currently reduced to £13.99 from £19.99, and is available to buy from the Origin web store. The game itself has also been reduced to £22.50, down from £45.

There’s currently no indication as to when Xbox 360 gamers will be able to download Frontier’s Edge, but Xbox One owners should be able to find it in the Xbox games store now.

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