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    26 Nov 2015

    Find your perfect smartphone from our list of Android, Windows and Apple handsets

  • WileyFox Storm review

    WileyFox Storm
    inc VAT (SIM-free)
    23 Nov 2015

    It's fast and reasonably cheap, but the rest of the WileyFox Storm is false economy

  • Motorola Moto X Force review

    inc VAT (SIM-free)
    18 Nov 2015

    With its top-end specs, beautiful build quality and outstanding shatterproof display, the Moto X Force is officially king of all smartphones

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  • Motorola Moto X Play review

    Moto X Play hero shot
    inc VAT SIM-free
    18 Nov 2015

    The Moto X Play is an excellent mid-range smartphone with a camera and battery life that can compete alongside this year's flagships

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  • WileyFox Swift review

    Wileyfox Swift header
    inc VAT (SIM-free)
    18 Nov 2015

    The Wileyfox Swift has a great design and a more secure, customisable OS, but its screen and camera can't match the competition

  • Huawei Mate S review

    Huawei Mate S
    inc VAT (SIM-free)
    16 Nov 2015

    A beautifully made but ultimately average handset, the Mate S is once again dragged down by Huawei's fussy interface

  • OnePlus X review

    OnePlus X
    inc VAT (SIM-free)
    16 Nov 2015

    Superb build quality, an excellent screen and a great battery life, but the OnePlus X isn't the budget smartphone killer we were hoping for

  • Best cheap smartphone 2015 - buying guide and top picks

    Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen best budget smartphone
    13 Nov 2015

    Looking for a cheap smartphone? Find the one that's right for you from our list of Android and Windows handsets

  • Google Nexus 6P review - Marshmallow goes large

    Nexus 6P hands on
    inc VAT (SIM-free, 32GB model)
    6 Nov 2015

    Google finally gets the phablet right with the Nexus 6P, delivering the best big-screen Android experience under £450

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  • BlackBerry Priv review

    BlackBerry Priv
    inc VAT (SIM-free)
    6 Nov 2015

    It's expensive and could be faster, but the Priv is a return to form for BlackBerry that elegantly combines a keyboard with a modern phone

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review

    Samsung Galaxy Note 5
    3 Nov 2015

    A beautiful screen and excellent performance, but the Note 5 is trickier to hold than its curved edge sibling

  • Vodafone Smart Speed 6 review

    Vodafone Smart Speed 6
    inc VAT (PAYG)
    2 Nov 2015

    The Smart Speed 6 isn't without its drawbacks, but for £50, there's simply nothing better

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  • HTC One A9 review - HTC's best smartphone yet

    HTC One A9
    inc VAT (SIM-free)
    29 Oct 2015

    The One A9 is a gorgeous phone with a superb screen and camera, but at this price it just isn't fast enough to compete with other flagships

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  • Google Nexus 5X review - Greater than the sum of its parts

    Nexus 5X back sideways
    inc VAT (16GB)
    25 Oct 2015

    Far greater than the sum of its parts, the Nexus 5X is an excellent Android handset for a reasonable price

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  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) review

    Nexus 5X
    23 Oct 2015

    Some important changes to streamline common tasks but the headline features are yet to prove themselves

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  • Apple iOS 9.1 review - all the new features

    iOS 9 Beta Hero Shot
    22 Oct 2015

    Slicker, easier to use and with a ton of new features, iOS 9 is an excellent upgrade to an already powerful operating system

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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ review

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ in hand
    inc VAT
    20 Oct 2015

    In the absence of the Note 5, the S6 Edge+ is the best Android phablet around, but at current prices it's just not good value for money

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review - the best Android phone ever

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge header
    inc VAT SIM-free
    20 Oct 2015

    It's expensive but the Galaxy S6 Edge is the most powerful Android phone to date, and its gorgeous curves make it very desirable too

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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 review

    Samsung Galaxy S6 hero shot
    20 Oct 2015

    The Galaxy S6's metal and glass body is a big step forward, as is the fast processor, but you can't upgrade storage or replace the battery

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  • Samsung Gear VR review - Innovator Edition for S6

    inc VAT
    16 Oct 2015

    Initially brilliant and breathtaking but limited content makes the Gear VR a novelty for now