Mobile phones

  • iPhone 5S review

    iPhone 5S screen
    inc VAT
    12 Feb 2016

    A staggeringly fast processor, excellent build quality and a great operating system, what's not to like?

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  • LG G4 review - holy cow!

    LG G4 leather rear header
    inc VAT SIM-free
    11 Feb 2016

    With its gorgeous screen, versatile camera and surprisingly comfy leather rear, the LG G4 is a genuine alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S6

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  • Samsung Galaxy A3 review - small but beautiful

    Samsung Galaxy A3
    inc VAT SIM-free
    9 Feb 2016

    Performance could be better, but it's a small complaint when the Galaxy A3 has such a great design, screen, camera and battery life

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  • Honor 5X review

    Honor 5X
    inc VAT (SIM-free)
    9 Feb 2016

    The Honor 5X is one of the cheapest phones to come with a fingerprint sensor, but its terrible camera and sluggish performance hold it back

  • OnePlus 2 review - the £249 flagship killer

    OnePlus Two
    inc VAT (SIM-free, 64GB model)
    8 Feb 2016

    Now invite-free and cheaper than ever, the OnePlus 2 is yet another fantastic flagship smartphone that's great value for money

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  • Nexus 5 review - now Marshmallow flavoured

    inc VAT
    5 Feb 2016

    The Nexus 5 is still a great phone for the money, if you can find one

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  • New Moto G review (3rd Gen, 2015)

    New Moto G 2015 main
    inc VAT SIM-free
    5 Feb 2016

    Not as good value as its predecessor, but the new Moto G is still a fantastic phone with its great camera, long battery life and useful apps

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  • Apple iPhone 5

    Apple iPhone 5
    5 Feb 2016

    Very small by modern standards but it's still a good budget option secondhand for iOS devotees

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review - the best Android phone ever

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge header
    inc VAT SIM-free
    5 Feb 2016

    It's expensive but the Galaxy S6 Edge is the most powerful Android phone to date, and its gorgeous curves make it very desirable too

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  • Google Nexus 6P review - Marshmallow goes large

    Nexus 6P hands on
    inc VAT (SIM-free, 32GB model)
    5 Feb 2016

    Google finally gets the phablet right with the Nexus 6P, delivering the best big-screen Android experience under £450

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  • Samsung Galaxy S6 review - Android 6.0 incoming

    Samsung Galaxy S6 hero shot
    1 Feb 2016

    The Galaxy S6's metal and glass body is a big step forward, as is the fast processor, but you can't upgrade storage or replace the battery

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  • Google Nexus 5X review - now with free Chromecast

    Nexus 5X back sideways
    inc VAT (16GB)
    28 Jan 2016

    Far greater than the sum of its parts, the Nexus 5X is an excellent Android handset for a reasonable price

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  • OnePlus X review - now completely invite-free

    OnePlus X
    inc VAT (SIM-free)
    28 Jan 2016

    Superb build quality, an excellent screen and a great battery life, but the OnePlus X isn't the budget smartphone killer we were hoping for

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo review

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo
    inc VAT (SIM-free)
    25 Jan 2016

    Its battery life and display are still first in class, but at this price the Galaxy S5 Neo faces stiff competition

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  • Best Smartphones

    Star Buy Smartphones
    24 Jan 2016

    Find your perfect smartphone from our list of Android, Windows and Apple handsets

  • Huawei Mate 8 review

    Huawei Mate 8 display
    inc VAT (SIM-free)
    15 Jan 2016

    The Huawei Mate 8 is exceptionally quick, but this 6in phablet is held back by a hopeless camera and a frustrating UI

  • Microsoft Display Dock review

    Microsoft Display Dock
    inc VAT
    14 Jan 2016

    Microsoft's superb Display Dock is a glimpse into the future of mobile working, but you need the sluggish Lumia 950 or 950 XL to use it

  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus review

    iPhone 6S Plus hero shot
    23 Dec 2015

    The iPhone 6S Plus is incredibly fast, adds the brilliant 3D touch and a top-notch camera – it’s a superb high-end phone

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  • Apple iPhone 6S review

    Apple iPhone 6S hero shot
    inc VAT (SIM-free, 16GB model)
    17 Dec 2015

    The iPhone 6S has unparalleled performance and 3D Touch is amazing, but battery life's a little down on last year

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  • Windows 10 Mobile review - the future's bright but be wary

    Windows 10 Mobile press shot
    16 Dec 2015

    Continuum is fantastic, and the overall interface is now much cleaner to use, but performance is a problem for now