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  • Best cheap smartphone 2015 - buying guide and top picks

    Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen best budget smartphone
    3 Aug 2015

    Looking for a cheap smartphone? Find the one that's right for you from our list of Android and Windows handsets

  • Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen review

    Moto E 2015 press shot
    inc VAT SIM-free
    31 Jul 2015

    The camera isn't great, but the new Moto E is still great value, with a bigger, better screen, faster internals and a longer-lasting battery

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  • Moto G 2nd Gen review – now with Android 5.0 and 4G

    Moto G shells header
    inc VAT SIM free
    31 Jul 2015

    With its large screen, improved camera and 4G support, the 2nd Gen Moto G is one of the best budget smartphones you can buy

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  • Best smartphone 2015 - buying guide & top mobile phone picks

    Best Mobile Phones 2014
    31 Jul 2015

    Find your perfect smartphone from our list of Android, Windows and Apple handsets

  • New Moto G review (3rd Gen, 2015)

    New Moto G 2015 main
    inc VAT SIM-free (16GB model)
    30 Jul 2015

    Not as good value as its predecessor, but the new Moto G is still a fantastic phone with its great camera, long battery life and useful apps

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  • EE Harrier Mini review

    EE Harrier Mini
    inc VAT on PAYG
    22 Jul 2015

    A decent phone on PAYG, but the Harrier Mini has its wings clipped by high contract prices, a mediocre screen and sub-par camera

  • Apple iOS 8.4 review - all the new features

    Apple iOS 8
    14 Jul 2015

    A big upgrade in terms of features, iOS 8.4 is now easier to use and a much more open operating system

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  • Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 review

    Vodafone Smart Ultra 6
    inc VAT on PAYG
    7 Jul 2015

    The excellent £125 Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 sets a new benchmark for budget smartphones

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  • Sony Xperia M4 Aqua review

    Sony Xperia M4 Aqua triple colours
    inc VAT SIM-free
    3 Jul 2015

    The camera could be better, but the Xperia M4 Aqua has both the build quality and speed to put its rivals to shame

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  • Moto X review (1st Gen) - now just £200 with Android 5.1

    Motorola Moto X 1st Gen
    inc VAT
    2 Jul 2015

    With its fantastic screen, amazing battery life and premium build quality, the Moto X sets the benchmark for mid-range phones

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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review - Still king of the phablets

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    inc VAT SIM-free
    30 Jun 2015

    It's expensive, but the Note 4 is the king of giant phones with its stunning screen, excellent design and long-lasting battery

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  • Sony Xperia M2 review

    Sony Xperia M2 header
    inc VAT SIM-free
    26 Jun 2015

    Great battery life and good build quality, but the Xperia M2's aged specifications have now been surpassed by the competition

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 review

    Samsung Galaxy A5 header
    inc VAT SIM-free
    23 Jun 2015

    An AMOLED screen, excellent camera and long battery life, but poor performance lets the pricey Galaxy A5 down

  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha review - still a desirable smartphone

    Samsung Galaxy Alpha
    inc VAT SIM-free
    23 Jun 2015

    Excellent build quality, great performance and an amazing screen, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is all you'd want from an Android phone

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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini review

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini header
    inc VAT
    23 Jun 2015

    A cheaper, more compact Galaxy S4 with amazing battery life, but the S4 Mini doesn’t stand out compared to the competition

  • HTC One M9 review

    HTC One M9 header
    inc VAT SIM-free
    18 Jun 2015

    The HTC One M9 is fast and the Sense 7 UI is a big improvement, but it doesn't do enough to make it really stand out

  • Huawei P8 review

    Huawei P8 main 3/4 image
    inc VAT SIM-free
    18 Jun 2015

    An impeccably made phone, but the P8's mediocre speed and poor battery life fail to make it a viable flagship alternative

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 review

    Samsung Galaxy S6 hero shot
    18 Jun 2015

    The Galaxy S6's metal and glass body is a big step forward, as is the fast processor, but you can't upgrade storage or replace the battery

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  • Samsung Galaxy A3 review - small but beautiful

    Samsung Galaxy A3
    inc VAT SIM-free
    17 Jun 2015

    Performance could be better, but it's a small complaint when the Galaxy A3 has such a great design, screen, camera and battery life

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  • Honor 4X review

    Honor 4X header
    inc VAT SIM-free
    14 Jun 2015

    The Honor 4X could be better made, but this is a fast budget phone with a great camera and excellent battery life