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Sky Mobile is practically GIVING away iPhones with these deals

A range of great deals means you could end up with a new phone this year.

Whether you broke your phone this Christmas or you just fancy something new and shiny, a new iPhone is a great choice and these new deals from Sky Mobile are practically giving away an iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 13 away, with a range of different deals and per-month prices that can fit most budgets. All of the 24-month contracts have no upfront cost, so every deal is a potential winner. 

Let’s talk about the phones. The iPhone 12 Pro was a 2020 release that sits in the middle of Apple’s iPhone 12 offerings, and in his 4-star review Jonathan Bray praised the phone’s performance, durable ceramic glass and cracking video and photo quality. Bray adds: “Video capture, already stupendously good on the iPhone 12, is better on the Pro, too. As with all iPhone 12 models, you can capture 10-bit HDR Dolby Vision video, which is an amazing enough feat in itself; here, though, the iPhone 12 Pro allows you to do so at 60fps where the iPhone 12 is limited to 30fps.” 

The iPhone 13 meanwhile is this year’s iPhone model. The iPhone 13 was also reviewed by Jonathan Bray and also picked up a 4-star review, during which Bray praised the shift to bigger storage for the phones, brighter display and sensor shift stabilisation which is a real boon to the main camera.

Buy the iPhone 12 Pro at Sky Mobile

The iPhone 12 Pro is £99 upfront on a 12-month contract and £0 upfront on a 24-month contract, with higher storage phones available for a bump in your monthly cost, which starts at £45 p/m on the 12-month deals,  and £30 p/m on the 24-month options. Then you’ll add in your data, which ranges from the free option of 100MB – we don’t recommend this as this is very limited usage – to 6GB for £6 and the very solid option of 50GB for £15 p/m, which is added to your bill.

The iPhone 13 on the other hand starts at £49 upfront and £41 p/m for the 12-month contract and £27 p/m with no upfront cost for the 24-month contract. Data scales exactly the same, so it’s just a matter of picking the storage for your phone and then making a data choice. It’s worth looking at a mobile bill if you’re not sure how much data usage you usually use just to ensure you’re getting enough, but most providers will let you upgrade later if you find you need more data than you’re paying for. 

Buy the iPhone 13 at Sky Mobile

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