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Grab a Nintendo Switch this Black Friday with these bargain bundle deals

The Nintendo Switch has some appealing offers this Black Friday.

Back in 2017, I bought a Nintendo Switch during Black Friday, and I haven’t regretted it since, even if Mario Odyssey has yet to be topped. The Nintendo Switch has stubbornly held close to its RRP ever since, but Black Friday does offer at least some opportunities to save a little cash on it.
And what a machine it is! Every time I visit the Nintendo eShop, I’m blown away by how many classics have been ported to the handheld hybrid: Cuphead! Bioshock! Alien Isolation! The Witcher 3! Rocket League! Spelunky! Even if these aren’t the definitive versions of each title, being able to play on TV or in handheld is — if you’ll excuse the pun — a game changer.
So without further ado, here are the best Nintendo Switch deals we’ve seen so far, this Black Friday.

Best Nintendo Switch bundles:

What can you say about this? Mario Kart 8 is a classic, three months of Switch Online means you’ll be able to play it with friends, and also access a whole host of excellent NES and SNES games to play on the go, too.

It is, however, an Ebay deal, which means it could go out of stock at any time. If that happens, then the same bundle is available directly from Nintendo for a tenner more.

The same deal as above, but an extra £20 gets you an additional game. Bluntly, I’m not sure any of the titles currently in stock are worth it. I’ve linked to Rayman Origins — which is excellent, but quite old now. You can also get it with Sports Party, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit Live or Wheel of Fortune for the same price.

More expensive, obviously, but two excellent games that should be on every Switch owner’s to-buy list. 

Best Nintendo Switch OLED bundle:

(Apply the code “FNDDGAMING” for the discounted price)

Do you need to upgrade to the Switch OLED? It’s debatable, in my view. If you plan to mostly play in handheld mode, then maybe it’s worth the extra, but docked players are probably better off spending the money on games instead.

Still, these are good prices, especially given the scarcity of the console itself. 

Best stand-alone Nintendo Switch deal:

If you just want a stand-alone Nintendo Switch, then your best bet is to return to ShopTo’s Ebay page where you can get the red and neon version of the console for £239.99.