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Get this HUGE Apple AirPods 2 deal before it disappears

apple airpods 2 black friday cyber monday deal charging case

The second-gen AirPods have dipped under £100 for the first time in this extended Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal

The iconic Apple AirPods fell below £100 for the first time ever on Amazon in a price cut for Black Friday and, luckily, have stayed there ever since.

The model in question is the second-generation AirPods that come with a case that’s charged via Lightning cable – not the version that supports wireless charging.

Having launched at £159 in 2019, the second-gen AirPods with wired charging case have been available for around £120 since this time last year. They’ve now received a further discount and can be picked up for just £99.

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Wireless charging case aside, the model on offer is identical to the pair we reviewed earlier this year, so there’s a lot to like about them, particularly if you’re an iPhone user.

Unsurprisingly, their integration with other Apple products is seamless. These particular AirPods make use of Apple’s H1 wireless chip and this allows for seamless pairing with, connecting to, and switching between Apple devices.

Voice-activated Siri is supported, allowing you to access your iPhone’s smart assistant without reaching into your pocket, while wear detection is also present and correct. This pauses audio automatically when the earbuds are removed and resumes it when they’re put back in, which is very handy.

Basic touch controls are available for those not wanting to control their earbuds via Siri and the actions assigned to double taps can be customised at your leisure using your iPhone.

Total battery life of the AirPods clocks in at around 24 hours, with the buds lasting up to five hours and the case providing a further 19 hours of juice. That’s plenty for most use cases and the AirPods are earbuds you can wear for long periods without discomfort owing to their open-fit design.

What this means is the AirPods forgo silicone eartips that fill your ear canals and instead rest just inside your ears. Passive noise cancellation isn’t great as a result but that isn’t always a bad thing as it enables you to remain aware of your surroundings.

Depsite their open-fit design, sound quality is actually pretty solid. In his review of the AirPods 2, our Head of Reviews, Jon Bray, described the bass as “remarkably full and rounded given there’s no physical seal between the buds and your ear canal” and the overall sound signature as “balanced and listenable”.

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If you want the most up-to-date AirPods experience, you’ll want to check out the AirPods 3, which were released in October this year and earned our Best Buy award thanks to improved audio quality and support for Apple’s Spatial Audio. They are, however, more expensive at £159.

If active noise cancellation is a must-have, the five-star Apple AirPods Pro with MagSafe charging case can currently be picked up for a discounted price of £185.

While the second-gen AirPods can’t compete with their more expensive brethren, they’re still an extremely appealing pair of earbuds, especially now they cost less than ever before.