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Simba’s Black Friday mattress deals are HERE

black friday simba mattress deals

Simba's Black Friday deals event is in full swing, and the mattress deals are ripe for the taking

This year’s Black Friday deals from Simba include reductions of up to 60% available sitewide, with hybrid mattresses discounted by 45% across the board. So, if you’ve been holding off on buying a new mattress, bed frame or duvet, waiting for a juicy price drop to make things worth your while, you’ll be happy to know that you need wait no more.

Everything from the entry-level Simba Hybrid Essential, to classics like Simba Hybrid, Simba Hybrid Pro and the high-end Simba Hybrid Luxe, have taken on bargain prices for the annual sales event. Normally £1,149 in a king size, the Simba Hybrid’s price has fallen to just £632, while the Simba Hybrid Pro, with a regular price of £1,649 in king size, has fallen below the £1,000 mark, to just £907.

While they’re currently attractively discounted, Simba’s mattresses have consistently impressed us, even at full price. In both our full-length Simba Hybrid review and Simba Hybrid Pro review, the mattresses picked up five stars and our coveted Best Buy award, winning praise for their supportiveness, comfort and generous trial periods.

Keep scrolling for our full roundup of Simba’s Black Friday mattress and bedding offerings. For more information on the sales bonanza itself, as well as the full lowdown on all the early deals available, be sure to check out our Black Friday hub page.

The best Black Friday Simba mattress deals

1. Simba Hybrid mattress | (King Size: Was £1,149; now £632)

Simba’s flagship mattress, the original Hybrid, can now be picked up for as low as £412 (down from £749) in a single, and just £632 in a king size (down from £1,149). We like the Simba Hybrid for its well-thought-out design, with its combination of memory foam layers, as well as layers of conical pocket springs and cooling “Simbatex” material, which helps the mattress strike an excellent balance between comfort and support. While our review did note that those who tend to heat up significantly at night might find the Hybrid a little on the toasty side, Simba’s generous 365-night trial takes much of the risk out of this proposition, guaranteeing you a refund should you be unhappy with your new mattress.

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2. Simba Hybrid Pro mattress | (King size: Was £1,649; now £907)

Offering a notable upgrade on the standard Hybrid, the Pro adds a thicker top layer for its sleeping surface, a second layer of movement-reducing micro springs, as well as a wool layer designed to increase comfort and promote cooling. Paired with the already high-quality design of the Hybrid range, these extra fine attunements were enough for our review to dub this model the most comfortable bed-in-a-box mattress we’ve ever tested. While we found its full price a little steep, this year’s Black Friday reductions have shaved a notable amount off the price of the Pro: a single, previously set at £1,149, now costs £632, a double, similarly has fallen from £1,499 to £825, while a king size, normally £1,649, can now be picked up for just £907. Once again, this mattress benefits from Simba’s lengthy money-back guarantee and trial period.

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3. Simba Hybrid Essential mattress | (King size: Was £999; now £550)

A little thinner than the regular Hybrid and lacking some of its supportive layers, our standard advice for those plumping for the Essential is to use it with a solid base, rather than a slatted one. With the proper base in place, the Essential provides very similar comfort and support to the Hybrid, at a decently lower price, though our original review still found the Essential a little expensive for what you get. However, at its Black Friday pricing, with a single version of the mattress now starting at £385 instead of £699, the Essential is currently a great option for anyone looking to kit out a spare room, send a teen off to college in style or start off a younger child’s bedroom with their first adult mattress.

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4. Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress | (King size: Was £2,299; now £1,264)

The luxury option in Simba’s catalogue, the Luxe is kitted out with a massive ten layers, offering comfort and support enough to satisfy even the haughtiest mattress connoisseurs. Alongside the Simba standards, the Luxe boasts three layers of pocket springs – two layers of titanium “Aerocoil” springs, plus a base spring layer made of high carbon steel – as well a combination wool/bamboo layer that provides the best cooling and moisture wicking of any Simba mattress. While this was another five-star mattress from Simba in our estimation, our original review of the Luxe did have to contend with the fact that it is simply a very expensive mattress, even with all the bells and whistles. Thankfully, the Black Friday sales see the mattress fall from £1,499 to £825 in a single, £2,149 to £1,182 in a double, and from £2,299 to just £1,264 for a king size.

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The best Black Friday Simba bedding deals

5. Simba Hybrid Pillow | (Was £109; now £82)

A synthetic pillow that feels surprisingly natural, the Hybrid Pillow offers several technological upgrades on its feather and fully microfibre rivals. One side of its outer layer is made up of Simba’s highly breathable “Stratos” material, while the other side is made from a softer, anti-allergenic cotton. Alongside cooling and comfort fibre layers, the pillow’s highlight feature is the memory foam cubes that make up its supportive centre, which can be added or removed as you like to ensure your pillow offers the perfect height and level of support for your needs. A solid option for those who prefer a pillow with less give, the Simba Hybrid Film Pillow is available for 35% off when you purchase it alongside a mattress.

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6. Simba Hybrid Duvet | Save 35% when you purchase a mattress

Strikingly soft, stitched with square pockets to avoid lumpiness and employing Simba’s “Stratos” cotton to help keep you cool as you use it year-round, the Simba Hybrid duvet is an effective and versatile piece of bed clothing. While somewhat expensive at £249 in a king size, purchasing it alongside one of the discounted mattresses above can net you this top-quality cover for just £162.

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7. Simba Bed Frames | Save up to 60%

The most significant price cuts of Simba’s Black Friday sale come on their range of bed frames, with various models reduced by up to 60%. Their entry-level Orion bed frame, upholstered in linen-feel fabric, has had its price drop 51%, with a double falling from £1,169 to just £573. The winged, velour-upholstered Pegasus base sees the maximum reduction of 60%, with a double dropping from £1,429 to just £572 and a king size frame reduced from £1,459 to just £584. Finally, the top-of-the-line, button-backed Sirius bed base is also down 60%, with its formerly hefty price of £1,639 for a double slashed to just £656.

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