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Titanfall 2: All you need to know including release date, multiplayer and campaign

Titanfall 2 is out now - find out everything you need to know now the game has officially released

EA’s Titanfall 2 is here. A direct continuation of 2014’s Titanfall, this year’s sequel sees a welcome return to its mech-based futuristic combat the series is known for. This time around, there’s a proper fully-fledged campaign and some interesting new extras plonked into the game’s multiplayer, but what’s new?

With Titanfall 2 coming this week, we’ve rounded up every important detail you need to know, including its campaign and multiplayer modes to give you an idea what to expect before picking up Titanfall 2 in shops.

Titanfall 2: Release date

EA’s Titanfall 2 released on 28 October for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Squeezing itself in between Battlefield 1’s launch two weeks ago and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare this week, Titanfall 2 may very well get caught up in the mad FPS rush.Titanfall 2 review

Bear in mind that the original Titanfall was Xbox One and PC exclusive, so PS4 players can now get a taste of the mech shooty action this time around. After playing the open Beta not too long ago, I can’t wait to get stuck in again.

Titanfall 2: Multiplayer

The series’ staple multiplayer makes a welcome return in Titanfall 2. You can expect much the same mech-based action, albeit with a couple of fancy new upgrades. Aside from just a handful of playable Titans in the first game, Titanfall 2 lets you pick between 6 different mech classes, from lightweight, melee-focused machines to massive hulks lugging around the world’s biggest machine gun. It’ll keep the action varied that’s for sure, with each Titan playing much more differently than the last.

There’s also the on-foot battles too, with the parkour focused fluid movement system coming back. Expect to be zipping around the map, running on walls and double-jumping your way to success when the game launches. It looks like there’s a far wider variety in weaponry this time around too, so hopefully Titanfall 2 won’t suffer the same staleness of the first.

Titanfall 2: Campaign

One of the biggest criticisms of 2014’s Titanfall was its lack of any story-driven campaign, instead opting for a pure multiplayer focus with intertwined story elements between matches. It was a little naff, and the overall lore presented to us could have done with much more depth.Titanfall 2 review

This time around, we’ve got a proper offline campaign mode, filled with plenty of mech shooting and on-foot combat. Expect to form a nice little bond between man and machine as you develop a close relationship with your mech as the campaign progresses. Expect it to be a bit of a tear-jerker at times too.

There’s no word yet on how long the campaign is or how long it’ll actually hold your attention for, but expect to read my full review in the coming days here at Expert Reviews.

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