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First ever 20-year warranty on a fridge with LG Centum

LG Fridge lifestyle

The LG Centum should last an age and uses very little power as well

20 years is a long time, long enough to pay off a huge mortgage or see your kids go from birth to work. 20 years ago in the UK we were enjoying Euro 96 and the Spice Girls had just become big. So imagine not only having a fridge for all those 20 years but having it covered under warranty for all that time.

LG has just announced the first ever refrigerator with 20-year warranty with its new Centum range. The 20-year warranty only covers the Inverter Linear Compressor, but that’s the expensive part to replace if it goes wrong. This is double the previous warranty and says a lot about LG’s confidence in its technology.

The range includes both standard top-bottom, fridge-freezer and a side-by-side model. Both of these have better than A+++ energy efficiency by 20% and 10% respectively, so they won’t cost a lot to run over those 20 years either.

LG Centum fridge open

Also available in the Centum range are a washing machine, washer-dryer and tumble dryer, so your laundry devices can have a 20-year warranty as well. These come with new shock absorber technology that claims to reduce noise, with a full load, at full 1400rpm spin, registering just 67db – around the same as a normal conversation.
LG Centrum washer dryer

Of course the question then remains whether the rest of the device is going to last as long. Handles, drawers, hinges and seals will have to largely go the distance. Having had a quick hands-on the Centum range certainly feels well made and the washing machine hinge has been tested to withstand up to 100kg of weight and 12,000 open/shut cycles.
LG Centrum controls

Still, if you’re looking for a new fridge or washer and want peace-of-mind and great energy efficiency then the Centum range should certainly be on your list of potential buys.

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