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Call of Duty Zombies – Treyarch to discuss at DICE summit

Treyarch head Mark Lamia to discuss popular mode at developer event

With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s EXO Zombies mode landing on Xbox One this week, Zombies are a hot topic at present and the internet is awash with YouTube footage from the fan-favourite mode. It’s a little different from usual though, as this Call of Duty Zombies mode was created by developer Sledgehammer, rather than originators and Zombie stalwarts Treyarch.

Treyarch don’t look to be finished though with the mode that arguably made them. Tomorrow, studio head Mark Lamia will be making a presentation at DICE’s Summit event, a developer-led forum held in Las Vegas over the next few days. The talk is to be titled: Treyarch’s Zombies: Following the Fun to Win Hearts…and Brains.

Now we’re not expecting a big reveal of the Call of Duty 2015 game, as Activision don’t usually mention the title until around May. But what should largely be a retrospective diuscussion may also include some hints as to what to expect later in the year. one things for sure, the Zombies/Horde modes of the game have become too popular to leave out now and any new game from Treyarch will certainly feature them.

Whatever you think of Sledgehammer’s new take on Zombies (and we rather like it), with its additional mobility and removal of baricade building. It will be interesting to see what Treyarch likes best about its baby; after the chaos and mobility of EXO Zombies, we’d like to see a more strategic mode, where holing up in the right place, based on the weapons and equipment you have, is a real tactical choice.

Speaking more generally, there have been a couple of rumours based around a return to World War 2 for teh series. It would make sense, and give the alterntaing Call of Duty releases a genuinely different feel, and the new consoles certainly have the graphics power to render the era at a previously unseen fidelity. 

We’ll bring you more news on Call of Duty 2015 as we get it.

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