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Xbox games streaming to Windows 10 upgraded to Full HD

Xbox One Windows 10 update community

Microsoft improves quality of Xbox games streams to Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft has boosted the quality of Xbox One games streaming to Windows 10 devices. Previously set at 720p, the new Very High quality level lets gamers stream from their console at 1080p at 60fps. 

The high quality streaming comes in an update to the Xbox app for Windows 10, which adds several new features. Microsoft warns that the “the new streaming capability works best for gamers who have home networks with adequate bandwidth”. Indeed, we found that the 720p streams tended to stutter when we used the 2.4GHz band on our BT Home Hub 4 router, but that performance smoothed out when we moved to the 5GHz band.

How to set up Xbox One games streaming on Windows 10

In-home streaming is one of the few features offered by the Xbox One that isn’t also available on its chief rival, the PlayStation 4. 

Other new features included in the revamped Xbox app for Windows 10 include the ability to right-click on friends’ names and send them a message or invite them to an Xbox party. You can now enable or disable notifications for game invites, if you don’t want to be constantly pinged whilst you’re using your PC. Your games can also now be organised into an alphabetically ordered grid, making it easier for those with large libraries to find the title they’re looking for.

All the new features will appear in version 8.8.6000.00000 of the Xbox app, which should update automatically on Windows 10 devices. You can check which version you’re running by opening the Xbox app, clicking the Settings cog in the bottom left of the window and scrolling down to “About” under the General tab.