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Just Cause 4 release date and news: New trailer just released

All the latest news on the next Just Cause sequel

Boasting a new setting, procedural weather and all-new weapons, Just Cause 4 is set to be the most expansive and ambitious entry in the series yet.

It’s been a long wait for fans of the series – Just Cause 3 was released all the way back in December 2015. But there isn’t much to go now, with number 4, first unveiled at E3 earlier in the year, launching on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 4 December 2018.

But what can we expect from Just Cause 4? As well as the above there’s a new gameplay engine and a new rival for your protagonist, Rico Rodriguez. Read on for all the details.

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Just Cause 4: Trailer and map

Of course, a new game means a new setting. From the fictional Mediterranean country of Medici, Just Cause moves across the ocean to the fictional South American country of Solis. It’s another huge open world environment – no surprise considering the success it was in the previous game.

A map of Solis has already been released by publishers Square Enix. As you might expect, there’s a wide variety of terrain. A snow-capped mountain range lines the middle, with a desert to the west and hills, rivers and lakes in the east and south. What look to be small settlements are dotted around the map, with a big city named Quya in the south-east.

Also on the map is a point noting ‘extreme weather patterns’. That’ll be the new procedurally-generated weather system, then. Part of that was revealed during August’s Gamescom 2018 gameplay reveal as Rico chases a tornado in an all-new vehicle. New wind currents have been introduced, meaning your wingsuit adventures should be a whole lot more exciting.

As well as the famous wingsuit and parachute, there’s a new, customisable grappling hook on offer. Detailed in the Gamescom trailer above, it comes with custom loadouts, which include an explosive charge pulse, the option to attach multiple airlifters (transport balloons), and the ability to precision-place rocker boosters.

In addition to that, there’s a purported wealth of new weapons, too, and they all include a secondary fire option. Demonstrated in the trailer is a railgun which can secondary fire a powerful energy beam, as well as being able to deploy a drone.

Meanwhile, the game’s newest trailer reveals what looks to be the main antagonist of Just Cause 4. Gabriel Morales is the leader of the paramilitary group, the Black Hand. Not much else is known about him or the game’s storyline, but we’re sure there’ll be a lot of run-ins between him and Rico throughout the game.

Powering all of this is a brand-new version of the Apex gameplay engine. According to the game’s developers Avalanche Studios, the new engine “delivers the most interactive, extreme weather simulations ever see in a video game, complemented by incredible visuals, unparalleled physics and endless creative possibilities.” A lot to live up to, then.

If you can’t get enough of Just Cause 4, then watch the full 20-minute presentation. We’ll update this page as and when further updates on the game emerge.

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