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This PSVR bundle deal is the perfect way to get started in PS4 virtual reality

Everything you need to get started in VR

Still on the fence about virtual reality as a gaming, uh, game changer? Don’t be. Once you’ve tried virtual reality games, you’ll instantly see what the fuss is about, assuming your taster isn’t a free app on a Google cardboard headset.
The best way of testing the waters is on PlayStation 4 via PSVR, which neatly sidesteps the need to have a super-powerful PC on top of the additional Oculus Rift or HTV Vive hardware. In short, PSVR is a lot cheaper and probably 80% as good as its PC-based rivals. 

And it’s got cheaper, too. While the headset alone once went for £349, The Game Collection is now selling the headset, the camera, and a bunch of games in one tasty £169.95 bundle.
Technically there are six games in the box, but it’s best to think of them as two: VR Worlds and Astro Bot Rescue Mission. The former contains five minigames, designed to give you a taste of the kind of experiences that can await you. The latter is a standalone game in its own right, and a very highly regarded one. A PSVR exclusive, Astro Bot is currently averaging a score of 90% on Metacritic, with no reviewer dropping lower than the 75% mark.

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That’s a good way of starting your PSVR experience, but having played a fair bit myself, here are a few other tips to bulk up your collection. First of all, Move controllers are optional, but they do make certain games a lot more immersive. You’ll need two of them, and The Game Collection sells them for £33.95 each here.

Superhot VR is the single greatest VR experience I’ve played, and can be bought for £15.99 from GAME. WipEout: Omega Collection is supposed to be marvellous, and can be purchased for £13.99 from, too.
A few non-VR games have been successfully ported over and are worth a look too. Doom VFR (£11.86) is a fast-paced FPS that should get your pulse racing, while Bethesda’s enormous Skyrim RPG can also be picked up for £19.99. Finally, if you want to be truly unnerved, the whole of Resident Evil 7 (£9.99) can also be played through in VR…
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