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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a new AR game from the makers of Pokémon Go

The new mobile game from developer Niantic is open for pre-registration on the Play Store

Niantic, the team behind the worldwide phenomenon that was Pokémon Go, has officially unveiled its latest augmented reality game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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The game will take inspiration from all seven Harry Potter books and the ever-growing number of Warner Bros films, including the on-going Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series.

So far, first-looks and screenshots have revealed some passing similarities to Pokemon Go; augmented reality will, of course, provide the bedrock for the user experience.

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The main objective revolves around collecting a vast array of magical items known as ‘Foundables’ that have been scattered across the globe in the wake of a wizarding catastrophe.

Players will be required to visit Inns to replenish supplies, rather than Poké Stops, and will find weather-dependent Potion ingredients dotted about as well. There are even Portkeys, which will transport players into full 360-degree AR experiences at famous Harry Potter locations.

You’ll be able to take to the streets as one of three unique classes (there’s no team system in Wizards Unite). Play as an Auror, a Magizoologist, or a Professor, and make the most of the strengths and weaknesses of each one as you level them up and unlock new skills. Unlike Pokémon Go, you are not tied to the class you choose at the start of the game.

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Niantic has also confirmed that the game will feature wizarding duels, allowing you and a group of fellow Potter maniacs to team up and take on a Fortress – the Harry Potter equivalent of a Pokémon Gym.

Wizards Unite is currently available for pre-registration on Android phones. Registering will give you the chance to test the game in pre-release phase, although we’re not sure when that will be just yet. There’s also been no word on when Apple users will be able to pre-register via the App Store.

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