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These brilliant PlayStation 4 bundles are Black Friday bargains

PS4 plus two great games for under £200

If you’re looking for a PS4 bundle this Black Friday, then you could do a lot worse than looking at the bundles on offer at
The first one that caught my eye was the 500GB PS4 with both Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Spider-Man for £199.99. These are widely regarded as some of the best games of recent years, with scores of 81% and 87% respectively. Very also lets you add an extra DualShock pad for an extra £20, which is well worth doing if your budget stretches.
Alternatively, you might be tempted by the eye catching white 500gb PS4 which subs out the latest Call of Duty for PlayStation exclusive Death Stranding, while keeping Spider-Man. It’ll also set you back £199.99 – unless you add a second DualShock pad, which again adds £20 to the cost.
If you follow Metacritic’s advice, then the second bundle is the one to get, as Death Stranding scores an extra percentage point over Modern Warfare. Though it’s fair to say it’s a game that has divided critical opinion quite sharply, so read some reviews and figure out which is best for you.
Whichever bundle you buy, you get Spider-Man which surprised everyone by quite how great it was when it came out just over a year ago. It takes the rhythm-based combat that made the Batman Arkham games so moreish, and adds in an open world that’s just perfect for swinging around with your spidey webbing. 
At this point in its life, the PS4 is a great buy with a huge library of games that are worthy of your time. The PS5 may be coming next year, but it’ll neither be as cheap nor have the quality titles available. There’s a whole lot of value in this £200, that’s for sure.
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