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The powerful Xbox One X is a bargain buy at Game

£259 for the console, two games and a Now TV Entertainment Pass

The Xbox One X is a great console, but when it launched back in 2017 it was a very tough sell. An asking price of £450 was just too much compared to the £350 PS4 Pro. Yes, the Xbox One X was clearly a more powerful product, but £100 is £100.

But as the console generation comes to an end, things have become far more competitive, and Game is selling the brilliant machine on the cheap, with bundles from just £259.

Now there are quite a lot of options there – and some are ridiculously priced, comparatively speaking – so here’s my pick of the best deals to help you make a decision. 

Looking for value, the bundles with two games and a Now TV pass represent the best bang for your buck. That leaves us with:

…in other words, I hope you like The Division 2. 

However, there are a couple of other options which arguably offer better value – especially as they come in the fancier white colour scheme. These feature just the one game, but also include three months of Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass – which provides hundreds of free games on demand including plenty of new releases like The Outer Worlds and Gears 5. A month of Xbox Live and Xbox Games Pass sell for £5.99 and £7.99 respectively, so that’s £41.94 worth of freebie right there. 

You can also downgrade to the Xbox One S and save £50 if you like, but that feels like a poor decision to me. The Xbox One S is a fine console, but the X is significantly better, and well worth the extra £50.
Whichever bundle you buy, you’re getting an excellent machine with a mature games library. Yes, its successor isn’t too far away, but the Xbox One X remains the best showcase of just how breathtaking console gaming can be right now.

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