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The brilliant Nintendo Switch Lite is now just £160

...and it comes with a free screen protector, too

There’s a reason the Nintendo Switch is still selling like hot cakes. It’s the best machine Nintendo has made in years, with games to match. True, that’s partly because Nintendo can re-release all the wonderful Wii U games that nobody bought at the time, but whatever the reasoning it’s a winner of a console.
Now at Game you can buy the Switch Lite for just £159.99 – a saving of £40 off its RRP, and that even includes a free screen protector to keep it in tip-top condition.
That’s a great deal for a machine that we described as “Nintendo’s best handheld yet” in our five-star review. But before you rush to add it to your basket, it’s worth asking whether you want this or the full-sized Switch, because there are significant drawbacks in taking the Lite approach.
This is a Switch that’s designed for solo play in two very significant ways. Firstly, it can’t be output to your TV – it won’t fit in the existing dock, and even if it did, it wouldn’t work. So big screen play is out.

Secondly, the Joy-Cons on the side are fixed and can’t be removed, so you can’t get a two-player round of FIFA on the go in the pub. Well, you can, but you’d need to bring along two additional controllers, which is all a bit silly if that’s your main concern. That also means a number of Switch games that require the Joy-Cons – Mario Party, Ring Fit Adventure, 1-2 Switch, etc. – aren’t supported.
But if your main aim is playing Zelda or Super Mario Odyssey on your commute, then this is simply the best way to do it. As Nathan said in his review: “If you are (unfortunately) like me and only ever use the Switch while you’re out and about, then the Switch Lite represents the very best handheld console that Nintendo has ever brought to market.
“The new design is far better suited for on-the-go gaming sessions, it’s equally as powerful and the slightly improved battery life over the original version is also a big plus.” 
Right now the best price I can see on the full-size Switch is around the £300 mark, so at £159.99, this deal on the Switch Lite is as good as it gets.  
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