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Nvidia Shield 2 spotted in benchmark listings

Nvidia could be preparing a second version of its Shield handheld to show off the new Tegra K1 processor, if leaked benchmark results are to be believed

Nvidia may be working on the second generation of its Shield Android gaming handheld, if new benchmark images spotted online are accurate. The unnamed device looks set to be powered by the latest Tegra K1 processor, which could make it seriously fast when it comes to games.

First impressions: Hands-on With Nvidia’s Tegra K1

We first got a look at the Tegra K1 at CES in January, where we walked away impressed with its raw performance, but were left wondering when we would see the chip in an actual retail product. That time may be fast approaching, as a new AnTuTu benchmark shows an ‘Nvidia test model (SHIELD)’ running the K1. According to the listing, the device runs at up to 2.5GHz and uses Kepler graphics, although it should be treated with a little suspicion as GeForce is incorrectly spelt as “Gefroce”.

Nvidia Shield 2 benchmarks

It appears to have a higher resolution display than the original Shield, with Antutu reporting 1440×810. When you add in the 90 pixels for the Android on-screen software navigation buttons (which Antutu doesn’t account for), the new device should have a 1,440×900 resolution screen. It could also have a camera, a first for Shield, although it appears to be a meagre 0.3-megapixel front-facing webcam.

Finally, the benchmark figures suggest the device will use a massive 4GB of RAM – despite the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system being 32-bit, meaning it would be unable to address the full 4GB.

With Nvidia running a price cut promotion in the US, it may be trying to sell off remaining stock of the original Shield before introducing a new model. With Computex and E3 both scheduled for June, we would expect an official announcement in the next few months.

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