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EA confirms Titanfall sequel, but will it be Xbox One exclusive?


EA promises "new Titanfall experiences" but there's still no confirmation of whether the franchise will remain a Microsoft exclusive

Electronic Arts has confirmed that it is working on a new Titanfall, following news that the original has sold almost a million copies in its first month – despite only being available for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

EA chief executive Andrew Wilson announced that the company had renewed its publishing agreement with Titanfall developer Respawn and confirmed the existence of a new Titanfall game.

“We’re excited to announce that EA is continuing its partnership with Vince Zampella and his Respawn Entertainment team, building on our success in delivering Titanfall, the biggest interactive entertainment event in the year so far,” he said.

“Through a new policy agreement, we will be working with Respawn to bring new Titanfall experiences to players worldwide.”

The latter is being taken by some as evidence that the next Titanfall installment will be a cross-platform effort. While the original was a Microsoft exclusive, the new Titanfall could be available on Sony’s PS3 and PS4 consoles as well as Microsoft’s platforms. Details of platform exclusivity are yet to be confirmed by EA, Respawn or Microsoft.

“Looks like the cat is out of the bag,” added Respawn’s Zampella of the news. “New Titanfall experiences await you in the future! [We’re] excited at the opportunity! This is going to be fun!”

Titanfall is a first-person multiplayer shooter which gives players a choice of fighting on foot with parkour-like abilities or calling down the Titans, giant bipedal war machines that can be used as computer-controlled fire support or piloted directly. Despite some teething pains, the game has proven an incredible success. On Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One it sold 925,000 copies in the last three weeks of March alone.

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