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Microsoft reveals Xbox One Elite controller

Extra buttons, refined triggers and tighter analog sticks should give you the edge in shooters and racing games

Microsoft has only just revealed a new version of its Xbox One controller, so it came as a huge surprise when the company revealed a new, hardcore version dubbed the Xbox One Elite controller. This new, optional accessory improves on the original in almost every way, adding a new d-pad, new triggers, swappable components and extra buttons to give players the edge in FPS, fighting and racing games.

Naturally the new controller is wireless, but it also promises ‘hair trigger locks’ on the rear triggers for near-instant trigger pulls – important for getting the drop on your enemies in a fast-paced game of Call of Duty, we presume. The thumbsticks can be swapped out, depending on your preference for convex or concave sticks, and you can exchange the new D-pad for a regular four-way pad if you prefer as well.

Players will also be able to remap the face buttons and rear paddles, adjust the sensitivity curve of each thumbstick, and define the minimum/maximum trigger values, although it’s not quite clear how that will happen. Sony has added software customisation to the PS4, but there’s currently nothing in the Xbox One dashboard to let you set up your controller exactly the way you want. Its also unknown if Microsoft has finally ditched AA batteries in favour of a rechargeable lithium one, or if you’ll be forced to buy extras (or a pricey play and charge kit) as you do with the original controller. We’ll just have to wait for the E3 show floor to open to learn more.

There’s currently no word on price or availability, but expect it to cost more than the standard controller. As massive fans of Killer Instinct, we can’t wait to give the refined D-pad a try, and the rear paddles could be a welcome addition to our Halo arsenal.

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