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This is our new FAVOURITE Nintendo Switch deal this Black Friday

This Black Friday, you can get the Nintendo Switch with the Switch Sports game for an eye-catching £250

For Black Friday, Argos is presenting an exceptional deal on the Nintendo Switch, bundled with Nintendo Switch Sports, for only £250. This special offer represents a £10 saving off the regular retail price of the console, enhancing its appeal for gamers. The Nintendo Switch has earned a stellar reputation, reflected in its five-star rating and an Expert Reviews Recommended award, for its innovative design and versatile gaming experience.

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As a hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch uniquely combines a traditional TV-based console experience with the portability of a handheld device. This versatility allows gamers to enjoy a fully fledged gaming session on their TV and then seamlessly transition to a handheld format when on the move. The console’s design leverages Nintendo’s strengths in both handheld gaming hardware and captivating first-party games​​.

Despite being priced higher than some of its competitors, the Switch justifies its cost with a unique gaming experience that’s distinct from other home consoles or handheld devices. It stands apart in the gaming landscape by transforming every console game into a portable experience, offering players a different way to consume and engage with games​​.

The console’s design is robust and user-friendly, built to withstand the rigours of both home and portable use. Its main body includes a 6.2in screen and versatile Joy-Con controllers, which enhance the gaming experience whether in TV or handheld mode​​.

Powered by Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip, the Switch delivers impressive performance both as a handheld device and when docked to a TV. This flexibility is a key selling point of the console, allowing seamless transition between different gaming environments​​.

While the Switch’s built-in storage is limited and its battery life in handheld mode is relatively short, these minor drawbacks are offset by its overall functionality and the unique gaming experiences it offers​​.

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In summary, the Nintendo Switch, especially with this Black Friday deal, is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile and engaging gaming experience. Its innovative design, coupled with the inclusion of Nintendo Switch Sports, makes it a valuable addition to any gamer’s collection.