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Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress review: Eve’s best mattress yet

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £1049
(king size)

The Premium Hybrid provides all the comfort and support you could wish for in one neat package


  • Impressively comfortable and supportive
  • Washable top cover
  • Doesn’t get too warm


  • Edge support could be better
  • Quite pricey

UPDATE: Since we initially reviewed the Eve Premium Hybrid, the brand has relaunched its entire mattress range. The new ‘Wunderflip’ range still offers a choice of memory foam and hybrid mattresses, this time with higher spring counts alongside a new feature that allows sleepers to choose between two comfort levels by flipping the mattress.

We’re hoping to review the new Wunderflip mattresses soon, so watch this space. Until then, our original review of the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress continues below.

With five different mattress models under its belt, as well as a cot mattress and topper, Eve has most of the market covered. The Premium Hybrid, which combines multiple layers of foam with 90mm pocket springs, is the manufacturer’s thickest, most sumptuous Hybrid to date.

It comes as no surprise that it’s also the most expensive in the manufacturer’s range, but in my opinion, it’s well worth paying for. With so few foibles, I didn’t hesitate to award it our best-buy seal of approval.

Eve The Premium Hybrid Mattress review: What you need to know

You can think of Eve’s Premium Hybrid mattress as a beefed-up version of its Original Hybrid, with different foams that Eve promises offer better cooling, as well as enhanced comfort and support.

Under the washable top cover there’s the “float foam” layer, designed to give you comfortable lift, followed by a body-hugging memory foam layer and a firmer foam support layer for back support. A sturdy foam casing comes next, which improves edge support and also encases the 1500 120mm-deep full-size pocket springs on the top, bottom and sides.

Finally, there’s a rubbery, non-slip base and this is also where you’ll find the mattress’ handles. In total, the Premium Hybrid is 270mm deep, which is 20mm thicker than the Original Hybrid and 90mm deeper than the Lighter Hybrid. You don’t need to flip or rotate it but Eve recommends turning it once every month or so.

The removable and washable top cover is a nice bonus and means that you can get away without using a mattress protector if you wanted too. However, we’d always suggest buying a cotton one anyway, as this will help to keep your top cover cleaner for longer.

The Eve Premium Hybrid now comes with a 365-night money back guarantee and a ten-year warranty, so if it’s not right for you, there’s the option to have it taken away risk-free.

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Eve The Premium Hybrid Mattress review: Price and competition

This trial is even more important when you consider the cost of Eve’s Premium Hybrid. As Eve doesn’t offer this mattress in a single option, prices start at £899 for a double and rise to £1,049 and £1,199 for a king and super king respectively. This makes it over £400 more than the thinner Eve Lighter Hybrid, £150 more than the Original Hybrid and the same price as the Eve Premium, which is just as deep but made entirely from foam.

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It isn’t quite as pricey as premium models offered by other brands, however. In fact, Simba’s premium model, the Simba Hybrid Pro, will set you back £1,050 for a double and £1,200 for a king size. The Hybrid Pro does come with a layer of natural wool, designed to keep you cooler at night, though. Similarly, Brook + Wilde’s Elite mattress comes in at £999 for a double and £1,099 for a king but it has an additional layer of mini pocket springs.

All in all, the Premium Hybrid is by no means the priciest “luxury” bed-in-a-box on the market but you can pick up some of our favourites for less. Otty’s 250mm hybrid starts at £600 for a double, while the 240mm Emma Hybrid comes in at £729 for the same size.

The best alternatives and where to buy them:

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Eve The Premium Hybrid Mattress review: Comfort and performance

From the moment you lay on this mattress, it’s immediately clear how supportive it is. Indeed, there’s a feeling of weightlessness that you often don’t find with many mattresses made using foam. The top layers are incredibly soft and comfortable, but there’s no sinking feeling at all – every part of you feels lifted and well supported.

I should add that I tested the Premium Hybrid on a solid divan base; you can use it on a slatted frame too, providing the slats are rigid, evenly spaced and no further than 7.5 cm apart. It’s normal for mattresses to feel a little less stable when used on a sprung slatted base, if you have one of these, but I’d hope there wouldn’t be too detrimental an effect with a mattress as deep as the Eve Premium Hybrid.

Despite its 120mm springs, the mattress doesn’t have a great deal of bounce but there’s certainly more than you’d find from most all-foam mattresses. Underneath the top comfort layers, the support foam layer and pocket springs feels relatively firm, which isn’t a bad thing, especially if you want a mattress that doesn’t let your hips drop in the night.

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Indeed, the Premium Hybrid is a great choice for people who sleep on their back and front, as there is plenty of support there. The flipside is that side sleepers may find it a little too firm, but as someone who moves between sleeping positions, I can confirm it was still very comfortable throughout the night. Whichever position you sleep in, you’ll find that this does a solid job of taking the pressure off your joints.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Premium Hybrid, though, is its ability to keep cool, even during warmer evenings. Foam mattresses, even hybrids, have a tendency to hold onto body heat, making you noticeably hot during the night. Worse still, this warmth can soften the top layers of the mattress, reducing its overall supportiveness.

I experienced none of this from the Premium Hybrid. Both on cooler summer evenings and during nights when temperatures stayed at or above 20 degrees long into the night, I never felt like I was burning up or sinking into the mattress. That’s not to say this mattress was cooler than a pocket-sprung model with natural fillings, but it certainly didn’t warm me up, even with a 7.5 tog duvet.

The only niggle I have with Eve’s Premium Hybrid is the amount of edge support it provides. While it’s not the worst I’ve experienced by some way, it’s still not as firm as I’d like considering the level of support offered elsewhere by the mattress. The foam casing around the springs does alleviate some of that I’m-going-to-roll-off feeling, but I still felt as though I was slipping from time to time.

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Eve The Premium Hybrid Mattress review: Verdict

It might have a high price tag but Eve’s Premium Hybrid lives up to its name and delivers in all the areas we hoped it would. Its sophisticated combination of different layers delivers the right balance between comfort and support, and you won’t find yourself tossing and turning because your bed is too warm, even on hot summer nights.

With so few flaws, then, it’s easy to make the case that if you want superior comfort, this is simply the price you have to pay. If you’re still on the fence, remember that 100-night money-back-guarantee means that should you decide it’s not the right mattress for you, you won’t be out of pocket as a result.

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