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Get MASSIVE savings on Simba mattresses and bedding ahead of Black Friday

Save big before Black Friday, as discounts of up to 60% are currently available with Simba’s November coupon offer

Simba is widely known for its highly technical approach to crafting a better night’s sleep, with its mattresses and bedding often containing several functional layers as well as cutting-edge materials. Many of its products have featured in our best mattress, duvet, pillow and other round-ups, while also scoring highly in their individual reviews. If you’re at all intrigued by Simba’s offerings, you’ll be happy to know that you can now score massive savings on a wide range of Simba products as part of the brand’s November sale.

Simba is currently offering up to 55% off on bed frames, up to 41% off on new mattresses and 55% off new accessories, and up to 60% off refurbished mattresses and accessories.

This means that you can, for example, get yourself one of our favourite mattresses, the Simba Hybrid, for just £678 in a king size – down £471 from its standard price of £1,149. Also discounted is the upgraded version, the Simba Hybrid Pro, which usually retails at £1,649 and can now be snagged for under £1000 – costing just £973.

If you’d like some extra upgrades on your bedroom set-up, you can also look to save big on Simba’s range of bedding and accessories. Our favourite versatile pillow, the Simba Hybrid Pillow, is now £82, a 25% drop from its usual price. One of our favourite synthetic duvets, the Simba Hybrid Duvet, is reduced by 35% when you purchase it alongside a mattress.

If you like the sound of all of the above, then perhaps the easiest way to save is to opt for a bundle deal. The Hybrid Bundle, for example, contains a king-size Hybrid mattress, a Hybrid duvet, two Hybrid pillows and costs just £981, a massive 39% saving on its usual price of £1616.

Get the Hybrid Bundle Buy the Simba Hybrid now

An early entrant into the bed-in-a-box market, the Simba Hybrid is comprised of five different layers: a hypoallergenic surface layer designed to encourage airflow, a “Simbatex” latex-mimicking layer that provides comfort and cooling, a layer of conical springs that minimise movement transfer and, finally, two layers of foam – one memory foam layer and one thicker, firmer layer of supportive foam. All these add up to create a mattress that finds an excellent balance between comfort and support – and if you don’t agree, Simba offers a healthy 365-night money-back guarantee on its mattresses.

The Simba Hybrid Duvet utilises the brand’s “astronaut inspired” Stratos material in its cotton casing, which Simba claims helps promote coolness and allows the duvet to be used all year round. The Hybrid Duvet is filled with a notably soft synthetic microfiber that is stitched into separate square pockets to prevent the duvet from becoming lumpy. Supportive and soft, the Simba Hybrid Pillow also uses the company’s Stratos material for one side of its outer layer, and also contains a soft and springy microfiber filling. What sets it apart is the addition of lightweight foam nanocubes at the centre of the pillow. The pillow can be opened up, allowing these nanocubes to be removed or added in different amounts to create the perfect levels of support and firmness for your needs.

Get the Hybrid BundleBuy the Simba Hybrid now

If you want to keep your eyes peeled for more top mattress deals be sure to check out our regularly updated mattress deals page. More generally, there will be massive discounts available on a wide range of products in the run up to Black Friday. You can get all the info you need and keep tabs on best early deals and discounts via our Black Friday hub page.

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