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The best mattress deals you should buy this Black Friday

With a wide range of mattress deals on offer this Friday, we’ve whittled it down to our favourite options for value and comfort

Mattress deals have proved to be one of the best sellers this Black Friday season, with the solid range of discounts on offer from various brands encouraging people to score some neat savings while plumping for a new mattress. However, with something as delicate as our night’s sleep in the balance, a good deal or saving isn’t always necessarily enough to make your purchase worthwhile. Our list below will take you through our favourite mattresses that have seen reductions this Black Friday, along with providing handy advice and insight to help you pick which one will get you the perfect night’s sleep.

Along with being excellent mattresses, the models below are all available for great prices in relation to their quality, and come with generously lengthy trials of up to 365 days. For Black Friday, the Simba Hybrid Pro is reduced to £1,649 to just £907, the Brook + Wilde Elite is just £630, down from £1,399, while the Emma Original has come down from £849 to just £425. Scroll down and check out our list below for more information on what makes these mattresses our top picks.

The best mattress deals to buy this Black Friday

1. Simba Hybrid Pro: Save 45% for Black Friday

An excellent all-rounder, the Simba Hybrid Pro is a great option for anyone looking for a medium-firm mattress that provides a good balance of comfort and support. Helping the Hybrid Pro stand out from the crowd is its effective cooling wool layer, an especially welcome feature as bed-in-a-box mattresses tend toward overheating due to the synthetic materials used in their construction. Outside of cooling, it also outstrips the regular Simba Hybrid due to its thicker sleeping surface and extra layer of supportive springs, adding these to the already effective foam and spring layers of the standard model.

While it may be the most comfortable option we’ve tested, as per our original five star Simba Hybrid Pro review, the Pro is still one of the more expensive mattresses out there – even factoring in its generous Black Friday discount, with its £907 price for a king size being the lowest it has been all year. For even more affordable options, check out the Brook + Wilde Elite and Emma Original below.

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2. Brook + Wilde Elite: Save 55% for Black Friday

Coming in at a solid mid range price thanks to its Black Friday discount, the Brook + Wilde Elite is another member of the five star mattress club, and was also called one of our most comfortable night’s sleeps in our Brook + Wilde Elite review. We tested the medium firm version of the Elite, and found it to provide excellent comfort, support and temperature regulation, with the yield it gives around the shoulder of the mattress making it supremely comfortable for those sleep primarily on their sides. Our review also noted that while it performed well on a slatted base, you’ll get the most out of the Elite if you it on a solid foundation.

While the medium firm version is what we tested, Brook + Wilde allow you to select your preferred level of firmness when purchasing, so if you know a firmer or softer option is better suited to your needs, you can fine tune this detail before you buy. If you do choose to pick one up, you can nab a king size version for just £630 by entering discount code CYBER55 at checkout before the sale ends at midnight on 28 November.

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3. Emma Original: Save 50% for Black Friday

The best bargain of the lot in terms of pure low pricing, the Emma Original is an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t want to break the £500 mark when picking up a new mattress this Black Friday. Previously going for a full price of £850, Emma’s generous Black Friday sale has halved this price, allowing you to snap up the Original for a discounted price of just £425.

An all-foam offering, the Original has the most give, in terms of firmness, of the three options on this list. According to our Emma Original review, its slightly softer nature makes it most suitable for side sleepers and couples who struggle to find the right balance of firmness to suit both partners. That said, the Original is a highly versatile mattress at heart, and we still found it to provide good comfort and support for back, front and mixed sleepers, as well as to work comfortably on any type of bed base. However, our one notable issue with the Emma Original was the fact that it tends to heat up fairly significantly at night, due to its all-foam make-up, making it unsuitable for those who tend to overheat at all.

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