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Natici Comfology8 twin mattress review: A soft but supportive mattress

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £1125
inc VAT

Natici’s top-of-the-range mattress is a great option for those seeking unparalleled comfort


  • Plenty of comfort
  • Relatively cool
  • Doesn’t soften much as it warms up


  • Unattractive design
  • Cheaper options available

On test here is the top-of-the-range Comfology8 twin mattress from home-furntiure brand Natici. As suggested by its name, it has a rather unusual design (more on that below), but I found it delivered a very comfortable night’s sleep. Indeed, it’s an especially good choice for side sleepers thanks to its ample comfort layers. The Comfology8 falls short of an award, however, thanks to its shorter-than-average 100-night trial.

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Natici Comfology8 twin mattress review: What you need to know

As I’ve already touched on, the Natici Comfology8 twin mattress has a slightly unusual design: essentially, it comes in two parts, hence the “twin” name. On top, there’s a 100mm thick mattress topper, which is made from soft “CTX High Resilience Hybrid memory foam”. This can be rotated and turned in order to minimise wear and tear.

Below this, there’s a fully upholstered box-spring base, which is made from a combination of orthopaedic pocket springs and “ecotex” high impact foam. With this base measuring around 230mm thick on its own, the two distinct layers make for a very deep mattress of around 330mm.

Natici claims the mattress offers a “medium” level of support and I’d be inclined to agree, although it’s at the softer end of medium. The mattress can be used on both slatted frames and divan bases and it comes with a five-year guarantee, although we couldn’t find details of what it covers.

In addition to that guarantee, there’s a 100-night money back guarantee. As with rival mattresses from Simba, Brook and Wilde, this trial means that, if you’re not entirely satisfied with the mattress after 100 days of sleeping on it, you can return it for a full refund.

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Natici Comfology8 twin mattress review: Price and competition

Starting at £1,125 for a single and rising to £1,445 and £1,695 for double and king respectively, the Natici Comfology8 twin mattress isn’t cheap but nor is it especially expensive.

To put it in context, it’s up to £155 cheaper than the brilliant Simba Hybrid Pro, which costs £1,600 and £1,750 in double and king sizes, but a bit steeper than the Brook and Wilde Elite, which will cost you £1,300 or £1,400 in those sizes at full price.

It’s worth flagging that, at the time of testing, you could save 40% on the Natici Comfology8 twin mattress, which brings it down to a more palatable £1,017 in king size. As with most mattress brands nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised if, more often than not, you can find decent savings on much of Comfology range.

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Natici Comfology8 twin mattress review: Design, performance and comfort

Unlike the many bed-in-a-box mattresses I’ve reviewed in recent years, I should be clear that the Natici Comfology8 twin mattress does not arrive in a box. Instead, it’s delivered largely resembling a mattress, albeit a slightly squashed one, because it comes vacuum packed.

As you’d expect, the mattress expands quite quickly when you cut away its plastic packaging. I was pleasantly surprised by how little it smelled after unpacking it. Foam mattresses often have a rather unpleasant chemical smell. I did, however, find its appearance a little underwhelming.

To elaborate, I’m not especially sold on the idea of having a very deep memory foam topper sitting atop of a more solid, hybrid foundation. Coupled with its velour-effect cover, I found this made for a mattress that looks anything but luxurious

The good news is that you won’t spend much time looking at the mattress once it has a sheet on it and you’ll soon forget what it looks like when you experience how comfortable it feels to lie on. Natici describes the mattress as offering medium support, but I’d argue the Comfology8 twin mattress is more medium-soft, such is the nature of its soft top layer.

At first, I was worried the Natici Comfology8 twin mattress wouldn’t be well suited to back sleeping but I needn’t have been. I found it offered decent levels of support both when lying on my side and on my back, delivering a very good night’s sleep. Having said that, I did find it a smidge lacking in support when sleeping on my front.

It’s worth pointing out that I weigh around 75kg, so if you’re much lighter or heavier, you might find you draw different conclusions. If you’re much lighter, for instance, it’s possible you’ll find it supportive in all sleeping positions; and, if you’re heavier, you might be better off with something a bit firmer, especially if you spend a lot of time lying on your back.

Despite being relatively soft, the mattress had a surprising amount of bounce to it and I didn’t find it especially warm, which can often be a problem for softer foam mattresses. I should add that I was testing it during an especially cold time of the year, so your mileage may vary in the warmer, summer months and, if you get very warm in bed, you’re always best off avoiding foam altogether.

Another strong point is that I didn’t feel the mattress softened drastically overnight. Foam mattresses often become softer as they warm up but, with the Natici Comfology8 twin mattress, I felt similar levels of support throughout the night.

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Natici Comfology8 twin mattress review: Verdict

Despite not being bowled over by its looks, then, I was largely impressed by the Natici Comfology8 twin mattress. Its soft top layer delivers a very comfortable night’s sleep, making it a great option for those who sleep predominantly on their side.

Having said that, I’m not sure it does enough to tempt me away from the Brook and Wilde Elite (medium), which is currently my favourite mattress for side sleepers. The Brook and Wilde model is nearly £400 cheaper at the time of writing and it also comes with a much longer, 200-night trial.

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