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Best mattress for front sleepers 2024: Say goodbye to discomfort and insomnia from £749

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Find the right combination of support and comfort with our pick of the best mattresses for sleeping on your front

Front sleeping isn’t the healthiest position to catch your Zs in, but if you absolutely must sleep on your front, you’ll need all the extra support you can get. The best mattresses for front sleepers offer plenty of support to reduce pressure points and keep your spine aligned. This is crucial, as sleeping stomach down is more likely to cause irregular curvature of the back, which can lead to long-term problems if left unaddressed. For this reason, soft, springy mattresses are best avoided in favour of something firmer and more solid.

You’ll also want to make sure your mattress has good edge support if you’re a front sleeper. This reduces the tendency to roll into the middle of the bed as the edges can hold more weight. Front sleepers might find this beneficial as it helps to distribute weight more effectively.

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Best mattresses for front sleeping: At a glance

Best overallSimba Hybrid ProCheck price
Best hybridOtty Original HybridCheck price
Best memory foamEve OriginalCheck price
Best for temperature regulationEmma NextGen PremiumCheck price

How to choose the best mattress for front sleepers

Is it bad to sleep on my front?

Unfortunately, front sleeping isn’t great for your body. Having your head twisted to one side forces the spine into an unnaturally curved position and can cause problems such as back, neck and shoulder pain over time.

The middle of your body is where most of the weight is, and when you sleep face down this causes the spine to curve without support. In the short term, this could cause aches and pains in the morning. Long term, it has the potential to trigger more serious back problems.

Fortunately, a firm and supportive mattress can go a long way in alleviating some of these negative effects.

Benefits of front sleeping

Unfortunately, there aren’t many benefits to front sleeping. One potential positive is that sleeping face down might help to relieve sleep apnoea. This is where breathing stops and starts while sleeping – a major cause of snoring. In this case, sleeping on your front may be handy for anyone you regularly share a bed with.

What is the best mattress firmness for front sleepers?

The main problem with front sleeping is that it doesn’t offer the spine proper support. For this reason, a relatively firm mattress is best.

Mattresses are generally graded on a spectrum of soft to firm. For front sleepers, either a firm or a medium-firm mattress is the best choice, as these offer the greatest level of support, as the body’s weight is distributed more evenly.

What is the best mattress type for front sleepers?

There are three key mattress types: pocket spring, memory foam and hybrid. Pocket-spring mattresses contain multiple individually housed springs for support, memory foam mattresses have lots of layers of special foam that respond to the contours of the body, and hybrid mattresses rely on a combination of both.

Any of these mattress types can be good for front sleepers. The important thing is to pick one that’s firm enough to provide you with the level of support you need.

The best mattresses for front sleepers you can buy in 2024

1. Simba Hybrid Pro: Best mattress for front sleepers overall

Price when reviewed: From £1,159 (single) | Check price at Simba

best mattress for front sleepers Simba Hybrid Pro

This hybrid mattress from Simba is the most comfortable bed-in-a-box we’ve ever tested. The clever use of wool below the top cover helps to regulate temperature more effectively than your average hybrid mattress, and the zoned foam foundation provides different levels of support across the body to keep your spine in a nice natural position. This makes it ideal for front sleepers.

At 28cm deep the Hybrid Pro is thick, but it’s still a good size for most fitted sheets. In the unlikely event that your sheet doesn’t fit, or you’re unhappy with the mattress for some other reason, Simba offers a generous 200-night money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. Easy.

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Key features
TypeWool, foam and micro pocket spring hybrid
Needs turning?Rotate once a month for the first six months and once every 3/6 months thereafter
SizesSingle to super king (including EU sizes)
Warranty200-night trial; 10-year warranty
Check price at Simba

2. Otty Original Hybrid: Best hybrid mattress for front sleepers

Price when reviewed: From £530 (single) | Check price at Otty

best mattress for front sleepers Otty Original

The Otty Original Hybrid pairs pocket springs with cushy but firm foam layers to offer the best of both worlds. There are three different layers of memory foam and 16cm springs, combining to minimise movement and provide a firm, supportive base, making it an excellent option for front sleepers.

The mattress features a removable, machine-washable cover, which makes cleaning a breeze, and the use of springs helps to maximise airflow, keeping you cool throughout the night.

Otty also offers a 100-night trial period, so if you aren’t completely satisfied, you can always return it for a refund within this window.

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Key features
Needs turning?Once a month for first year
SizesSingle to emperor (including EU sizes)
Warranty100-night trial; 10-year warranty
Check price at Otty

3. Eve Original: Best foam mattress for front sleepers

Price when reviewed: From £449 (single) | Check price at Eve

best mattress for front sleepers Eve Original

Eve’s original and best-selling model is a foam mattress that offers targeted support where it’s needed most. The foundation has seven zones that help to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips, and provide ample support for those who sleep stomach down.

Crucially for front sleepers, the Eve Original is much firmer than the vast majority of its all-foam competitors. It remains stable and supportive throughout the night, and while it’s undeniably warmer than a pocket-sprung alternative, its superior firmness makes it one of the best on the market.

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Key features
Needs turning?Rotate every four to six months
SizesSingle to super king
Warranty365-night trial; 10-year warranty
Check price at Eve

4. Emma NextGen Premium: Best for temperature regulation

Price when reviewed: From £419 (single) | Check price at Emma

best mattress for front sleepers Emma NextGen Premium

If you’re a sweaty front sleeper, this cleverly designed premium hybrid mattress from Emma could be just what you need to stay cool and comfortable. It features a higher proportion of pocket springs than your average hybrid, which means air can circulate more freely to keep you from overheating.

The NextGen Premium’s springs are arranged into adaptive zones to give support where it’s needed and keep your body supported across its length throughout the night, which is perfect for front sleepers. It’s also designed to only be slept on one side, so it won’t require flipping, and Emma says it doesn’t need to be rotated either. With regular sales and prices at up to 50% off, you’re sure to bag yourself a bargain.

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Key features
Needs turning?No
SizesSingle to super king (including EU sizes)
Warranty200-night trial; 10-year warranty
Check price at Emma

5. Origin Hybrid: Best mattress for couples

Price when reviewed: From £499 (single) | Check prices at OriginBed with Origin Hybrid mattress in bedroom

This lovely firm mattress will keep you well supported while you snooze on your front, and your back. It might be too firm for comfort if you’re a lighter person who sleeps on their side, though. The sleeping surface is well cushioned, so the Origin Hybrid will softly accommodate the curves of your body even if you move around in the night or share with a partner.

Like many newer hybrid mattresses, the Origin Hybrid contains a grid-based layer designed to optimise back support, whichever position you’re lying in. There’s also a solid foam layer for extra support where needed, even right at the edge of the mattress, and a layer of pocket springs with an innovative tapered design that adapts to your weight and position.

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Key features
TypeHybrid with six layers including “HexaGrid” foam, bamboo-infused wool, cooling cover, up to 3,000 pocket springs
Needs turning?No
SizesFive sizes from single to super king
Warranty200-day trial; 15-year guarantee
Check prices at Origin

6. HiGrid Premium Hybrid: Best mattress for pressure relief

Price when reviewed: From £899 (single) | Check prices at HiGridIf you struggle with aches and pains or you’re recovering from injury, you will benefit from sleeping on a mattress with plenty of resistance to relieve pressure on your joints. That’s what this newcomer from HiGrid offers, along with just enough cushioning to feel cosy.

Front sleepers will love the Premium Hybrid’s edge-to-edge firmness, which also boasts superb motion isolation to help you and your partner get a peaceful rest. Our only real complaint about this mattress is its insane weight, with the king size tipping the scales at 58.5kg.

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Key features
TypeHybrid with seven layers including “SmartGrid” polymer, “Hypersoft” foam, high-resilience foam and over 500 individually wrapped springs
Needs turning?No
SizesFour sizes from single to super king
Warranty200-night trial, 10-year warranty
Check prices at HiGrid

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