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Better Call Saul: Netflix UK release date and trailer

Find out when the Breaking Bad spin-off will be released in the UK and see the trailer

The much anticipated Breaking Bad spin-off – Better Call Saul – will go live on Netflix UK at 7am on Monday 9 February. The series centres on Saul Goodman, Walter White’s ethically challenged lawyer, and is positioned as a prequel to the hit series.

Indeed, Saul isn’t called Saul in the series: the show portrays his early career as jobbing lawyer Jimmy McGill, before he adopts the Saul Goodman moniker. The series will include other characters from the Breaking Bad series, most notably the hardcase fixer Mike Ehrmantraut. 

There’s no need to start working on your sickie excuses in anticipation of a Better Call Saul marathon, however. Unsually for Netflix, the series isn’t being released all in one hit. The second episode on the series will appear the day after, and then subsequent episodes will be released at 7am every Tuesday. US viewers will get to see the show on the evening of the 8th, when it is broadcast on AMC.  

Breaking Bad was a watershed show for Netflix, helping to push the video-on-demand service into the mainstream. Netflix now accounts for more than a third of all downstream internet traffic in the US, and it’s the most used video streaming service here in the UK, too. 

To whet your appetite, Netflix has released a trailer for Better Call Saul, which is embedded below:

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