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Finally, a good Nintendo Switch deal this Black Friday

Nintendo is running a sweet Switch deals event in time for Black Friday - get your console now

Nintendo Switch deals are in high demand and short supply this Black Friday. Or at least they were, until Nintendo dropped this stonking Black Friday bundle on us. Right now over on the Nintendo website, you can combine a Switch or Switch Lite console with a game, Nintendo Online subscription AND extra accessory for either £268 or £348 (depending on the console).

Create your bundle and you’ll also get a free 64GB microSD worth £20 card thrown in.

No matter which way you cut it, that’s a seriously good deal. If for example you choose a Switch Lite console (£200), plus Super Mario All-Stars (£50), plus a 12-month Nintendo Online subscription (£18) and a Deluxe Traveller Case (£20), AND you add the cost of that microSD card (£20), that’s a normal total of £308 – meaning you save £40.

To put it bluntly, we’ve seen nothing this good so far this Black Friday.

Buy Switch now from Nintendo

Buy Switch Lite now from Nintendo

The question is: which console should you choose? Both received high praise from us: mobile technology editor and resident Nintendo nutcase Nathan Spendelow favoured the Switch Lite but praised both consoles for their unique lineup of games and portability. 

What it comes down to is this: how do you play? If you’re keen on the idea of couch co-op, and like the thought of a full-blooded games console you can pick up and take with you on long trips OR sit at home playing on your big-screen TV, then the regular Nintendo Switch is the console for you. With detachable controllers (Joy-Cons) and a charging dock that connects via HDMI to your telly, this is the console for multiplayer gaming at home (or away). 

If on the other hand you’re a solo player who can’t see themselves playing on a TV, the Switch Lite is the way to go. It’s smaller, much lighter and yet just as powerful, with support for almost all of the same games. You can’t connect it to your TV though, so keep that in mind.

Buy Switch now from Nintendo

Buy Switch Lite now from Nintendo