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This Black Friday deal on a Gozney pizza oven is MOUTH-WATERING

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The price of the award-winning dual-fuel Gozney Roccbox has fallen from £399 to £319 for Black Friday

It’s a big Black Friday deal for culinary enthusiasts: the Gozney Roccbox pizza oven, a dual fuel marvel. Amazon is now serving it up for £319, down 80 quid from its usual price. Tasty.

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The oven earned a four-star rating and a Recommended award in our original Gozney Roccbox review for its blend of style and functionality. It’s the smallest in Gozney’s range but packs a punch, capable of reaching an impressive 500ºC, akin to professional pizza ovens. This means you can cook a pizza in a mere 60 seconds, bringing restaurant-level efficiency to your garden​​.

Ease of use is a significant plus. The Roccbox is almost ready to go straight out of the box, with a pizza stone and retractable legs already fitted. The dual fuel system, featuring both a detachable gas and wood burner, adds versatility, allowing for both gas and wood-fired cooking​​.

The Roccbox isn’t just about functionality; its aesthetics are equally impressive. Available in grey and green, the matte silicone outer shell not only adds a unique look but also makes it safer to touch, reducing the risk of heat-related accidents​​. Despite its sturdy 20kg weight, the oven’s design emphasises portability, making it easy to move and set up for outdoor events​​.

In terms of cooking performance, the Roccbox excels, especially with gas. It originally started as a gas-only oven, and this heritage shows in its efficiency and the quality of the pizzas it produces. The gas burner offers ease in controlling the flame intensity, making it ideal for cooking a variety of dishes​​. However, if you prefer the authentic taste that wood-fired cooking brings, the Roccbox won’t disappoint, though it requires a bit more patience for heat-up​​.

The Gozney Roccbox’s design, ease of use, portability and versatile cooking options make it a valuable addition to any outdoor culinary setup. Its dual-fuel capability caters to different cooking preferences, and the array of included accessories enhances the overall experience​​.

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This Black Friday deal is great if you want to up your pizza game. Serve up some stunning Margheritas, Hawaiians, Neapolitans or some Bismarks (prosciutto and sunny-side up eggs) in the comfort of your own garden for £80 less.