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Forget the Roomba deal: These Prime Day robot vacuum deals are INSANE

You don't need to plump for a sub-par Roomba deal: these are the best Prime Day robot vacuum cleaner deals around

Every Prime Day, without fail, a Roomba deal emerges to snag anyone shopping for a robot vacuum cleaner. And every Prime Day, without fail, we find that there are several better robot vacuum deals out there just waiting to be appreciated. We have a suspicion it’s because Roomba and robot vacuum cleaner are pretty much synonymous.

This year’s Amazon Prime Day deals bonanza is no different: right now, you can nab an iRobot Roomba 7+ for £600, down from £800. That might feel like a bargain, given the price of the Roomba in question, but don’t be hasty; we’ve found a selection of equally impressive deals on robot vacuum cleaners that we can wholeheartedly recommend. 

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First up, the Eufy Robovac 30C. One of our favourite budget robot vacuums is currently available at Amazon for just £153, down from £240. If you were looking for a simple-to-use robot vacuum that doesn’t hurt your bank balance, this is the one for you.

The 30C runs for 100 minutes on a single charge, cleaning methodically even under low furniture thanks to its low profile. It’ll automatically return to its charging dock when the battery runs low, and can even be activated via voice command once you pair it with your smart speaker. It’s powerful, quiet and intuitive – and it’s never been so cheap.

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Alternatively, consider Eufy’s slightly more expensive offering, the Robovac 15C Max. Even at its £270 RRP, this robot vacuum represents sensational value for money. With 2,000Pa of suction providing plenty of grunt without producing too much noise, this vacuum will alter its suction mode to suit the surface it’s cleaning.

Combining infrared sensors and physical collision detectors, the 15C Max will slot under low furniture like its sibling with relative ease, running for 100 minutes before returning to its charging dock automatically. At £270, this robovac is good value; at a new low price of £180, it’s a bona fide bargain.

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Both robot vacuum cleaners are app-controlled and come with a lovely selection of cleaning tools and additional brushes. Both also happen to be a fair bit cheaper than that Roomba we were talking about earlier, and both come with a Best Buy recommendation from us. There really is no reason to spend a fortune on a robot vacuum cleaner.