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This robot vacuum cleaner has a massive £184.07 off

Neato's premium vacuum cleaner is at its lowest price yet, with 32% off

The Neato Robotics D701, a robot vacuum cleaner with a bunch of mod-cons has taken a tumble in price from £574.06 to £389.99, a saving of £184.07 that brings this to its lowest price ever. 

If a whopping 32 percent off doesn’t convince you, let’s break it down a bit: the D701 takes advantage of the Neato app to allow you to start, stop, schedule and organise your robot vacuum cleaner, and alarmingly it can also deliver notifications to you from the app or the Facebook Neato chatbot. 

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The app works nicely, allowing you to set no-go areas in the app so that your robo-cleaner doesn’t leather the dog’s water bowl, or hit any prized heirlooms. The cool thing is that it’s smart enough to know when to call it a day and head back to its charging station, but then it can pick up where it left off, no problems. With 120 minutes of run-time, you likely won’t notice this if you’re not living in a country manor.

Doing the vacuum cleaning isn’t the sexiest thing in the world, but automating it with a robot goes some way to making chores seem cool again. If not, well, at least you don’t need to think of it. 

I, for one, welcome our new robotic vacuum cleaning overlords.

Also packed into the software are several different cleaning options to give you some energy saving and deep clean options, letting you choose between a clean planet and a clean house, and then there’s the D701’s shape, which is a nice little D shape that will let it push up against everything and get the best clean possible.

Why not give it a go, and start the ’20s off right by retiring from doing your own hoovering?

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