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Love House of Cards on Netflix? Recommend it to your mum

New recommendation tool connects with Facebook and lets you suggest TV shows and films to others

Netflix has added a new recommendation feature allowing users to suggest shows to friends and family without ever needing to speak to them. The feature will let users to privately recommend shows they have watched from within Netflix itself.

It works by connecting Netflix to Facebook to find friends and family before posting recommendations to their Netflix account. Friends and relatives will show up in a scrolling list that displays their name and Facebook profile picture. Users can select a friend or multiple friends and also add a personal message before sending the recommendation.

When the Netflix friends next uses the service they’ll  see any recommendations with Netflix letting you know if they’ve watched what you suggested. Friends who have not connected Netflix and Facebook will receive the recommendations as a private message on Facebook.

Netflix head of product innovation Cameron Johnson said recommendations would help connect users with those close to them:

“You know that feeling when you’ve watched something really great, something that moves you or makes you laugh, and you immediately think of someone else who would love it too?

“Starting today, we’re launching our new social recommendation feature that allows you to easily, and privately, recommend the shows you love to the people you care about.”

The new recommendation feature works with the Netflix website and apps for iPad, iPhone, PS3, Xbox and compatibly set-top boxes and smart TVs. Netflix said it would be adding support to more platforms over the coming months. Recommendations are available now in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland.

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