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Echos, Fire tablets and Fire TV Sticks are going cheap at Amazon

Amazon takes aim at the last-minute Christmas shoppers with tempting reductions of devices

Amazon is hardly shy of putting its best-selling devices on sale, but they’re so good that it’s certainly worth flagging – especially if you’re still unsure of a Christmas gift for someone. Various discounts are available across the company’s Echo, Fire TV and Fire Tablet range, with newly-acquired Ring doorbells also added to the mix.
Let’s start with the Echos, as they’re probably the most tempting item in the range, and certainly capable of bringing some Christmas Day wow-factor. The second-generation Echo is down to £54.99, a decent 39% saving on its normal £89.99 – and more impressive when you considered the original, weaker Echo launched at £150. You can also get a first-generation Echo Plus and a Philips Hue lightbulb to use it with for £89.99, down from its normal £155.
There are also screen-based Echos, which are handy for streaming Amazon Prime Video, voice calls and answers Alexa can give that would be best served with a picture. The Echo Spot – the little round smart screen designed for bedside tables – can be had for £89.99 instead of its usual £119.99, while, the larger second-generation Echo Show is down to £169.99, and comes with a Philips Hue bulb. If you’re feeling particularly flush, you can get a Ring Video Doorbell 2 and an Echo Spot for £252.99 – not too shabby when the pair would normally set you back £328.
Speaking of Ring Doorbell, you can get the Pro model for £199 on its own (down from £229) or the regular Ring Doorbell 2 for £149 (down from £179). These play nicely with Amazon Echoes, of course, but are also perfectly happy working as a standalone product with your phone or tablet.
If you don’t have a tablet, you might want to look at Amazon’s Kindle deals section where there are yet more tasty discounts. The pick of these is probably the Fire HD 10, which sees a reduction of £40, dropping to £109.99, but you can also pick up the 8in version for £59.99 for a saving of £20. The Kids Editions also see a price cut, with the 7in version going for £80 and the 8in one going for a penny under £100.
Finally, two Fire TV Sticks are going cheap. The regular model gets £15 off, dropping to £24.99, while the 4K version sees £10 shaved off as it drops to £39.99.
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