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Grab a second Amazon Echo Dot for only £9 more

Double the Dots for less than £10 more

January sales are winding down, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped Amazon from offering up some great tech bargains. And what better a bargain to bag than not one, but two of the newest Amazon Echo Dots for only £59?

The smart speaker has been known to tell a decent joke upon request, however this deal is no laughing matter – usually, one Amazon Echo Dot will set you back just a penny shy of £50.

Although we thought the original Echo Dot was fine on its own, Amazon decided to throw in a handful of upgrades with the latest model. The results left us humbled, as the online retailer went and improved numerous features on the smart speaker, improving on the already appealing Alexa device. As Alan Martin wrote in his review at the time: “The 2018 Echo Dot is a masterclass in making everything better, without a price hike.”

Now, Amazon is offering two Echo Dot smart speakers for a wallet-friendly £59. Considering that they’re usually going for around £50 each, this is nearly a buy one get one free scenario – also known as a win-win.

Price was always a bonus when it came to the newest iteration of the Echo Dot, so this really isn’t a deal to ignore, but what’s so great about the Dot in the first place? Well, Amazon literally turned up the volume when it came to the 2018 Echo Dot; increasing the speaker size from 0.6in to 1.6in, which turned a pleasant but quiet Alexa into a loud and clear conversation partner.

However, if that wasn’t enough bang for your buck, the Echo Dot also allows for 3.5mm audio jack connection, meaning you can plug the Dot into any compatible speaker system. So, if you struggle to get out of bed before your anthem is blaring throughout the house, then this feature lets you orchestrate that without moving a finger – although you might need to get up when your neighbours come over to complain.

Alongside your smart speaker purchase comes your very own Amazon Alexa. As digital voice assistants go, Alexa is up there among the very best. Alexa will seamlessly tell you news and weather updates, answer questions and play music – all with the power of your voice. Better still, if you need a little kick of energy then Alexa is always an ask away for a quick joke or two. Another neat feature is Alexa’s ability to start a day with some trivia. Truly, the smart in smart speaker comes deservedly from Alexa’s efforts.

In short, Amazon’s Echo Dot is a fantastic addition to your home and daily living, and one which now comes at a great price if you fancy more than one. With useful features such as the 3.5mm audio jack, voice control functionality, and much-improved speakers, this duo deal is an absolute steal – don’t become the butt of Alexa’s next joke, make the most of it.

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