Amazon Echo sale: The retail giant drops prices on the Echo Plus, Input, Show and Spot

Matt Breen
6 Mar 2019

Big savings to be had on devices in Amazon's smart speaker range

It hasn't been so long since Amazon last dropped prices on its Echo range, in its Valentine's sale. But ahead of the release of the new Echo Dot later this month, the retailer has discounted prices again. For the record: we're not complaining. Here's a rundown of what's on sale.

First up: a bundle that includes the second-generation version of the Echo Plus and a Philips smart bulb, which have been reduced from £155 to £140. So that's no great saving, but given that the Plus retails at £140, you're essentially getting the lightbulb for free. If you're already in the market for a device whose stylish design and sound quality belie its price (read our full Echo Plus review), you may as well add some dimmable lighting to the mix. 

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Then there's the Echo Input, an exceptionally handy little device that essentially adds the helpful smarts of Alexa to whichever speaker you connect it to – it's been discounted from £35 to £20, saving you an impressive 43%. This is perfect for people who have already invested in high-quality sound, and want to start using it for tasks like streaming music, listening to the news, and then promptly going back to streaming music since the news is so relentlessly depressing right now.

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There's also the second-gen Echo Show, which adds visuals to all the usual smart capabilities, doing everything from streaming TV shows and audiobooks to letting you know who's at your door (if you have a Ring Doorbell system, that is). Being honest, we're of the feeling Amazon has really yet to perfect this device – but the price drop from £235 to £190 may well sway you.

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We're bigger fans of the Echo Spot, an alarm clock-sized sibling of the Show that's been reduced in price from £120 to £100. As you can read in our hands-on review, it's a cute little device whose diminutive size makes it better suited to video calls than the Show, and while we called out the steep RRP, that £20 saving definitely makes it a better proposition.

Buy the Echo Spot now from Amazon

Another month, another Amazon smart speaker sale. It's up to you whether you take advantage of this one... but when it comes to the Echo Input, we suggest you pick one up right now.

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