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The Google Home Mini is now just £22.18

Cheaper than we’ve ever seen it

That’s right: £22.18 will get you the Google Home Mini from Mobile Fun. That may sound like a strange amount, but £2.19 of it is postage.
Even if you’re slightly irked at the idea of paying shipping, this is still a bargain. While it’s not unheard of to see the Google Home Mini going for £30 or bundled with other products as a freebie, this is the first time we’ve seen it get this close to the £20 mark on its own.
Is it worth it? Yes, although it’s best to be aware of its limitations before you make the order. Although Google Assistant is by far the smartest virtual assistant, beating both Alexa and Siri comfortably, as a speaker this is pretty weak. It’s fine for podcasts and chatting to Google Assistant, but music played through it is tinny and, unlike Amazon’s Echo Dot, there’s no AUX jack to output to better speakers. It can output to Chromecast Audio, if you have one, but Google has discontinued it, so that expense will likely wipe out the money saved on this deal.
If that puts you off, don’t despair. Because it’s approaching Black Friday, Amazon is doing similar things with its Echo Dot rival which both has better sound out of the box and can output to other sound systems. It’ll set you back £34.99 at the time of writing.
Don’t rule out the Google Home Mini completely though. As Nathan wrote in his review, sound quality issues aside, “it otherwise works really well, replicating the features of the larger Google Home beautifully, and offers an affordable introduction to the world of digital assistants.”
At a little over £20, it’s now even more affordable. 
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