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Save 37% on the Apple HomePod

It’s a great speaker, even if its smarts aren’t Google Assistant standard

In the world of smart speakers, the Apple HomePod is often overlooked. There are a few reasons for this: it only really plays nicely with iPhones and Siri isn’t as smart as Google Assistant or Alexa, but the big sticking point has always been price. Why spend £319 on a HomePod when you can get an Echo for under £100?

It’s not really a fair comparison, considering the sound quality of the HomePod, and if that’s the most important thing for you then you’ll want to get down to Argos where you can buy Apple’s smart speaker in white or black for £199 – a saving of some 37%.

Let’s get the negatives out the way first. If you’re an Android household, it’s not ideal. It really only plays nicely with Apple hardware and needs an iOS device to activate it. It’s also best with Apple Music where the integration is so deep, you can ask for the name of musicians on any given track.

Siri is also weaker than either Alexa or Google Assistant. It’s not terrible by any means, but it is a bit of an issue with a smart speaker that’s predominantly controlled via the voice.

Jon acknowledged these points when he reviewed it, but still called it a “stunning example of how engineering and technology can be put to use in new and exciting ways, to improve the way small speakers sound, no matter where you put them.”

In fact, “were this a regular Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker, I’d have no qualms in recommending it, even at £319. It really is that good,” he added.

“If you view the HomePod as simply a very good speaker with Siri bolted on, you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s a very good product indeed. Just don’t expect to be able to order the weekly shop on it.”

If that sounds good enough for you, then at £199 it’s an absolute steal.

Buy now from Argos

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