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This Google Play bug is draining Android batteries

If you’ve got Google Play Services version 18.3.82, your Android smartphone could be affected

A Google Play Services update is draining Android phone batteries, thanks to a suspected bug. Users with Google Play Services version 18.3.82 are at risk of having their batteries depleted by the update.

The battery-zapping update was first apprehended by Android Police, which picked up multiple reports of the trend over the weekend. Users who were running Google Play Services 18.3.82 complained that the app was sucking up vast amounts of its battery – and fast.

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It’s not the first time Google Play Services has been accused of battery draining. The app, which lets Google update its Android features without having to overhaul the entire operating system, has amassed criticism in the past for its propensity to suck smartphone batteries dry.

To find out if you’re a victim of the most recent upgrade, Android users should go to Settings, then Battery, and finally select Show full device usage. The first warning sign is if Google Play Services is at or near the top of the list of apps. When you check the usage graph and it shows a notable downturn, despite you not having used your smartphone battery to excess, then you’ve probably fallen victim to the power-zapping bug.

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As for how to get rid of the bug, there’s no definitive answer. Users can revert to an earlier version of Google Play Services, but the auto-update will kick in soon enough. You can also try the new beta version of Google Play Services by signing up via the Play Store – but there’s no guarantee this will provide a marked upgrade to your current predicament, it being in the beta stages of development and all.

Here’s hoping Google pulls its weight and develops a patch to fix the problem ASAP. We’ll be updating this page as and when we hear more on the story, so be sure to check back in.

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