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Google pulls the plug on its Google One Today app after seven years

Google One Today offers a simple way to support non-profit causes, showing donors exactly what their donations are spent on

Google One Today – not the cloud storage service but the app designed to help non-profits receive donations – is set to close and users have been given just one week’s notice to find an alternative. 

 The announcement was made to all existing registered members via email. The full message, as reported by Android Police, says: “We launched Google One Today seven years ago to help people donate to causes they care about. In the last few years, we have seen donors choose other products to fundraise for their favorite nonprofits. As a result, we will shut down One Today on February 6, 2020.

“New nonprofits will no longer be able to sign up for One Today. The Google One Today app will be turned off, and any open projects will be deleted. We will ensure that 100% of funds donated on One Today prior to February 6 are disbursed to the relevant nonprofits.”

Due to its rather niche appeal, it’s unlikely the majority of consumers will have heard of Google One Today, nor will they miss it, yet for its members Google One Today offers a simple way to support non-profit causes, showing exactly what donations are spent on and it helps non-profits manage their donations for tax purposes by providing receipts. 

People who donated could also see the impact of all of their donations, including how many of their donations encouraged others to send money to non-profits. 

Given that 100% of the profits went to these causes, and Google didn’t take a fee or a cut in anyway, its use of language in the message suggests the multi-billion-dollar company may well be looking to cut costs as opposed to continue to finance and support one of the options used by people to raise money or donate to causes helping feed children, help people with autism and more. 

It may also be shuttering the service to avoid confusion between Google One Today and Google One – although if that was the case it could have just rebranded.

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