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SuperCollider Algostep Remix Competition is dubstep AI fest


Banging algorithmic tunes to be remixed and judged by software

Love it or hate it, you can’t avoid the wob wob sound of dubstep. Now even computers are getting in on the action, with a dubstep remix competition mixed by, and judged by, software.

Algostep, or algorithmic dubstep, is a form of algorithmic music. According to the record label ChordPunch, this “might mean a computer program generating every note you hear, or new electronic music inspired by algorithms, or human beings following interesting rules with musical outcomes.” One of the ways to make such music is to use the SuperCollider object-oriented audio composition language.

The SuperCollider Algostep Remix Competition, supported by Queen Mary’s University, London, takes this to its logical conclusion. As part of the SuperCollider Symposium 2012, programmers and producers are being asked to remix an algorithmically-generated track, either by taking the SuperCollider source code and changing it or, if you are more of a producer than a programmer, to remix it from the track’s component parts.

The fully-rendered audio files will be judged by a “panel of fully algorithmic music critics”, called Kode Fine, Critex and Judge Rules. According to the competition’s website, “the panel are entirely automated and will not be wrong.” Entries need to be in the competition’s SoundCloud DropBox by the 1st April, and the winners will receive a Novation LaunchPad. And yes, we’re fairly sure it’s not a joke.

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