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Flexson gives the Sonos Sub a white makeover

Flexson Sonos Sub wrap 1

White wrap transforms the look of Sonos' wireless subwoofer, making it a showpiece to match your furniture

The Sonos Sub wireless subwoofer is a gorgeous piece of kit, so it should come as no surprise that a lot of owners like to put it on display; the exposed speaker drivers pumping out bass when watching films or listening to music look fantastic. If you like to colour code your kit it could pose a bit of a problem, however – Sonos only makes the Sub in black. Luckily vinyl wrap expert Flexson has today announced a new range of ColourPlay skins specifically designed to give the Sub a splash of colour.

The Flexson ColourPlay skin will initially be launching in White, apparently to meet the demand from customers looking to colour-match it with their existing Sonos Play:1Play:3 and Play:5 speakers. It completely surrounds the outer shell of the sub with glossy vinyl, leaving holes to keep the speaker drivers on display and to let users access the physical buttons at the side. Compared to the black orginal, which is still something of a looker, we think the white skin makes the sub stand out even more – combined with one of Flexson’s unique wallmounts you could turn one into a focal point of your sound system, rather than hiding it away in a corner as you might do with a regular subwoofer.

Flexson Sonos Sub wrap 2

The vinyl wrap is pre-cut and shipped in a tube, ready to be peeled off and applied to the Sub to give it a fresh new look. The cutouts looked expertly made on the demo unit we saw, and if you aren’t feeling too confident about fitting it yourself there are plenty of Flexson dealers who will happily do the job for you. It’s currently unclear if Flexson will be adding other colours to the range at a later date, as it has done with its other Sonos products – for the time being the Sub skin is only available in white.

The Sub ColourPlay Skin can be bought today directly from Flexson for £79.99 – some might say that’s rather a lot for a piece of vinyl plastic, but we doubt anyone willing to spend £600 on a wireless subwoofer will be too concerned spending a little extra to colour match it.