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What’s new in Football Manager 2015? Moustaches!

Football Manager 2015 match engine

Football Manager 2015 gets raft of new features including new coaching roles, player roles and a revamped match engine. And moustaches.

Details of new features in Football Manager 2015 have finally been announced ahead of its launch on 7 November. The biggest change comes in how players move during matches with developer Sports Interactive using full motion capture and professional footballers to make the game more realistic.

Football Manager 2015 has undergone a major cosmetic change, complete with a sidebar for navigating through the games myriad of menus and options. Sports Interactive said the new interface made it easier to find hidden functions with previously obscure options no longer hidden. A new home screen displays more information including promises made to the board and players and a notebook to set reminders.

The addition of a new tracksuit manager option lets players get on the training ground and carry out sessions. Players can set themselves up as either a tracksuit manager, tactical manager or a mix of the two. Managers can also decide what coaching badges they have and update their skills as the game progresses.

The match engine has undergone a major facelift with motion capture used for the first time. The exact motions and movements of professional footballers will be used in Football Manager 2015 covering passing, shooting, crossing, tackling and much more. Ball physics have been improved to make it behave more realistically.

A range of new stadium features have been introduced adding more colour to the match day experience. New stadium designs are joined by jumbo screens, burger vans and other paraphernalia to help create the big-match atmosphere.

More formations and tactical options have also been added, with AI managers now using tactics and player roles more intelligently. Four new player roles have been added. Central and defensive midfielders can now be roaming midfielders while wingers can play as a ‘raumdeuter’, literally a space investigator in German, to exploit space in build-up play. The third new role is the inverted wing back, with players instructed to drift inside and make runs through the centre of the pitch. Creative wide players work in a similar way, roaming and drifting across the pitch to find space.

Scouting has been given a lick of paint to make it easier to find hidden talent. Sports Interactive said it worked in a similar way to the Prozone Recruiter software used by actual football clubs. Searching for players or anything else in the game has been redesigned to work more like searching the internet. As you type a dropdown list appears displaying relevant results.

Player interaction and press conferences are now more in-depth with extra options and more realistic scenarios added. Job interviews, which made their debut in Football Manager 2014, have also been updated with more options and questions.

Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations have been added to the game for the first time, including wage restrictions and limits on profitability and sustainability. Managers will be notified of FFP obligations in their initial meeting with the board.

Football Manager 2015 Movember

Changes have also been made to training, with managers able to set mentalities for training routines. Specific players can train as wingers with an attacking or defending mentality, for example. Semi-pro and amateur training for non-league clubs have been updated to better reflect the realities of low-level football. Technical, tactical and mental coaching styles have also been added to let coaches carry out training sessions accordingly.

Movember also crops up in Football Manager 2015. During the month of November some players will take part in the charity moustache competition. Twitch is also being added to Football Manager 2015, letting people around the world watch live streams of games and chat with fellow gamers.

Football Manager 2015 will launch on 7 November. Watch the video below for a full rundown of the new features in the game.

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