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Anker MagGo Power Bank 10K review: The best MagSafe power bank for iPhones

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£89.99 from
Price when reviewed : £90
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One pricey power bank, but worth it for its fast wireless charging speeds and features


  • 15W wireless charging
  • MagSafe compatibility
  • Useful LED display


  • Expensive
  • No USB-A port

Looking for a portable power bank for your iPhone? For the last few years we would have pointed you to Anker’s 622 and 633 magnetic battery chargers. These give you 7.5W wireless charging and up to 18W wired charging from a compact unit that could stick to your iPhone using its built-in magnetic plate. 

Now, however, there’s a new contender on the market, and it comes from the same Anker stable. The Anker MagGo Power Bank 10K brings some real improvements over the old models, especially for those with newer iPhones.

We’re talking 15W QI2 wireless charging, the same 10K capacity as the Anker 633 and a built-in screen for tracking capacity and charging speeds. However, it is a more expensive charger, and it misses one useful feature of the old 633 (I go into this more below). I’ve spent the last week using the MagGo Power Bank 10K to see if it’s a worthy successor.

Anker MagGo Power Bank 10K review: What do you get for the money?

A compact power bank measuring 70 x 107mm and 20mm thick, the Anker MagGo 10K is roughly the size of a pack of playing cards and will set you back a pricey £90. At just under 250g it’s a little heavier than the old 633, but that’s still not bad by the standards of other 10,000mAh units. There’s a QI2 wireless charging pad built into the top panel of the unit, and a single USB Type-C port on the left-hand side.

On the rear, there’s a flip-out kickstand that will hold the MagGo upright at a rough 60-degree angle, where the magnet will work with the MagSafe pad built into your phone to hold it securely in place. You can use the same combo to attach the power bank to your phone while on the move, to save having to deal with a cable.

This MagGo 10K’s other big feature is its built-in screen, which gives you the power bank’s current charge level and how long it’s going to last with the current output. It’s more of a plus than a must-have, but it means you know how much juice your power bank has left, rather than guessing based on a row of tiny LEDs.

Anker MagGo Power Bank 10K review: What do we like?

QI2 isn’t quite the same technology as MagSafe but it gives you the same 15W top charging speed and it’s supported by all iPhones from the iPhone 13 onwards. Earlier MagSafe-compatible models will charge, but at a lower 7.5W rate.

The MagGo clamps neatly into place on your iPhone’s rear, and with the kickstand out will support it in either a horizontal or vertical position, which can be handy if you want to use it as a clock or as a screen.

You can charge the unit up while the iPhone is attached and charging wirelessly. What’s more, you can charge one device through the USB-C output while charging another via the QI2 pad. There’s more good news on wired charging, too. Where the Anker MagGo 6.6K can only manage a pitiful 12.5W output over USB-C, I found the MagGo 10K could deliver a respectable 18.9W; enough to charge my test phone up to 24% over 15 minutes.

The MagGo Power Bank 10K has enough capacity to charge an iPhone 15 twice and still have juice to spare. When it needs a recharge, it takes just over 2hrs 20mins to recharge from a 65W Anker charger, although in testing I only saw it charging at between 12W and 16W.

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Anker MagGo Power Bank 10K review: What didn’t we like?

Where the 633 had a USB-A output, the MagGo 10K only has one USB-C. That makes this power bank a little less versatile, however the USB-C to USB-C cable provided will still charge a wide range of devices.

Otherwise, there’s not much to criticise, except the price. Nearly £90 is a lot to spend on a 10,000mAh power bank, even one with fast wireless charging and MagSafe compatibility. If you’re not too bothered with fast charging speeds, you can still find the 633 on sale for less. In fact, we saw it for sale for under £40 in a recent sale.

Anker MagGo Power Bank 10K review: Should you buy one?

If you have the budget, this is one of the most flexible and feature-packed power banks we’ve tested – for iPhone owners. Sadly, its MagSafe features are currently wasted on Android phones.

It is, however, comparatively expensive, and you’re paying a premium for those faster charging speeds, so keep the older models in mind if you’re looking for a cheaper option.

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