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Kano’s coding kits teach your kids how to build their own computers using characters from Frozen 2, Star Wars and Harry Potter

The Disney Frozen 2 and Star Wars The Force Coding kits cost £79.99 each. The Harry Potter Coding Wand is £99.

With Frozen 2 hitting cinemas on 22 November, the make-your-own computer firm Kano has designed a coding kit to help your child channel their inner Elsa. 

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From coding virtual snowflakes, creating blizzards and conjuring up their own ice palace, Kano’s Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit offers step-by-step guides to help your kids build sensors while teaching them the basics of coding. This includes guiding children through loops, logic and variables using puzzle games and challenges. 

Users can then use hand gestures, mimicking the movements of Queen Elsa in the films, to control virtual snow, wind, water and fire thanks to its sensors being able track movements in three dimensions – the first time Kano claims such technology has been seen on kits aimed at children.

 Any sequences the children code can then be shared and uploaded online to Kano’s Community Forum, and users can copy other users’ codes to learn new skills. Kano will be adding new challenges to the kit in the coming weeks.   

Kano was recently named second (behind Apple) in Fast Company’s list of the most innovative consumer electronics companies in 2019, ahead of Google and Microsoft, driven by the success of last year’s Harry Potter Coding Wand. Based on J.K Rowling’s character, the Coding Wand teaches kids to code through the use of spells and challenges. 

Kano additionally makes a coding kit for Star Wars fans. The Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit features the same hardware as the Frozen 2 kit but instead kids can use code to swing lightsabers, summon Force lightning, overpower stormtroopers with Jedi mind tricks, pilot Rebel starships and more.

Ahead of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hitting cinemas on 19 December, Kano’s Star Wars Coding Kit will also get new challenges in which kids will be able to code their own lightsabers. Kano’s Star Wars Coding Kit is the only place Star Wars fans can meet new droid K-4NO, specially designed for Kano’s young coders. 

The Disney Frozen 2 and Star Wars The Force Coding kits cost £79.99 each. The Harry Potter Coding Wand is £99.

And if your kids aren’t fans of these films, Kano recently revealed a Windows 10-powered Kano PC, built in partnership with Microsoft and Raspberry Pi, that’s due to launch at the end of November for £299.99. Pre-orders are now available on

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