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Attention Baby Yoda fans! The Mandalorian toys and merch are FINALLY available for preorder

The force is cute with this one!

Rejoice! For Baby Yoda is finally available to preorder from the Disney Store and elsewhere, meaning you can have your very own tiny Jedi to coo over while you wait for season two of The Mandalorian. People have been anxiously awaiting the release of merch since they saw the first episode of the Disney Plus hit, so we predict a lot of demand.

Of course, UK-based Star Wars nuts are still waiting for The Mandalorian, with the official launch of Disney Plus set for late March. With that in mind, MILD SPOILERS lie ahead, other than the existence of an infant Yoda-like creature, of course. Adorable, he is!

1. ‘The Child’ Soft Toy (Exclusive to the Disney Store)

Disney is leading with this Baby Yoda soft toy, which is suitable for any actual human children you might have. While adult fans will no doubt be keen to get a figurine or Funko Pop for their collection, this would make an amazing gift with its embroidered features and soft robe. Note: you can only get this one from the official Disney store.

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2. ‘Talking’ Baby Yoda

While the ‘talking’ claim actually means the toy will make character sounds when squeezed, it’s still a cool feature. You also get bone broth bowl and Sorgan frog accessories to play with, and the toy has poseable arms.

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3. Baby Yoda Figurine Sets

Disney has also made Baby Yodas that recreate some iconic scenarios from across The Mandalorian’s eight episodes, whether it’s sipping soup, eating a frog or using the force. These come in sets of two, so choose your favourites and hit the pre-order button. But be warned – buying the ‘Don’t Leave’ figurine might make it extremely difficult to go to work or socialise outside of the house.

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4. Kuiil, Cara Dune and IG-11 Pop! Vinyl Figures

Hey, it’s not all about Baby Yoda, there are plenty of other stand-out characters from the Disney+ show. Why not treat yourself to your very own IG-11 figurine, or endlessly ‘amuse’ guests by quoting Kuiil (“I have spoken”) in the middle of conversations. These, along with Cara Dune, are already on sale, so go for it!

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