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Today’s Black Friday TV deal: A 43in 4K TV for £279

I’ll take three!

So you’ve decided to make the jump from HD to 4K. You’re probably now aware of just how expensive an undertaking that can be, with sets tending to start at around £400 and quickly spiral into the thousands. What do you do if you just want a cheap and cheerful TV that’ll output at 3,840 x 2,160?
You’re probably looking at Hisense sets, which fit the bill brilliantly. We recently reviewed the H43AE6100 and were pleasantly surprised. That pleasant surprise turns into outright joy when you note that Amazon has reduced the price of the set for Black Friday, and you can get the 43in model for a ridiculous £279.
If that sounds appealing but you want something a bit bigger, it’s worth clicking through the other options. The 50in version, for example, is available for £329, while the 65in model comes in at £579. If you really don’t like your living room wallpaper, you might even consider the crazy-big 75in version, which comes in at £1,199.
To be completely upfront, at this price you’re not getting the last word in audiovisual technology, as you might expect. As Vincent notes in our review, brightness is poor which in turn makes the built-in HDR support completely pointless. “As peak brightness only measures a paltry 140cd/m² both on a 10% window and full-screen, there simply isn’t enough brightness to recreate the burning bright highlights in HDR content,” he writes.
But where it really counts, the Hisense H43AE6100 comes up trumps. Sound quality is “above average” while picture quality is “better than you might think.” In all, it’s a “reasonable TV at a very keen price.” And given that price is now keener than when we first put it through its paces, you might well want to buy one today.
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